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Online Tools for Business – Social Media Management

In a recent #Twitterchat, we discussed what tools businesses recommend to use online.    We covered social media tools,  general business organisational tools and the top three apps recommended by our Tweeps.  I hope you find this information as useful as I did!   This post is going to focus on the answers to our first question which was

What online tools do you use for social media management?

We had a whole host of answers for this one – from Hootsuite, Tweetdeck,  FB Pages Manager, Buffer, Google Alerts, SproutSocial, Boomerang (a new one to me)  and many more.  To summarise each one quickly:


For scheduling messages, posts, tracking mentions across most social media platforms. Hootsuite has a free option which is fine for anyone who is posting across the social media platforms for one business.   You can add up to three social media profiles, have access to their basic analytics and add two RSS feeds.

In the screenshot below you can see that each social media account can have its own set of columns.

Hootsuite Tool
Hootsuite Tool

For example, for my Facebook page, I can view the existing posts,  the scheduled posts, posts to the page etc.

Setting up your columns for each social media profile
Setting up your columns for each social media profile

Then you can use the Analytics tools to see what is or isn’t working for your account.

Hootsuite Analytics
Hootsuite Analytics


For organising all your tweets – pretty handy for separating out conversations by hashtag/accounts.   TweetDeck allows you to look at view multiple timelines in one screen.  You can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, build Tweet collections, and more.  You can create a column of tweets under one particular hashtag or from one Twitter account for example.


You can create columns of the following formats –

  • Timeline: Home timeline for a specific account (any account)
  • Notifications: notifications for a specific account, including when the account’s Tweets are retweeted, liked, or mentioned, and when users follow the account
  • Mentions: when users mention a specific account
  • Followers: follow activity for a specific account
  • Messages: Direct Messages for a specific account
  • Search: a specific search term
  • Lists: create or connect a list you already follow
  • Tweets: Tweets from a specific account
  • Likes: Tweets marked as likes from a specific account
  • Trending: specific worldwide trends
  • Activity: what’s happening with the accounts you follow
  • Inbox: Direct Messages from all your authorized accounts in aggregate
  • Scheduled: your scheduled Tweets
  • Collection: a timeline of curated Tweets, hand-selected by you, to share with others


Facebook Pages Manager

If you are a Facebook page administrator, the Pages Manager app is a must-have for your mobile devices.    You can use it to post on your pages, monitor interactions, view insights etc.  If you manage more than one page, you simply switch between pages – Page Manager will allow you to manage up to 50 Facebook pages from your phone.


Buffer - social media tool for scheduling
Buffer – social media tool for scheduling

If you explore Buffer’s About Page, you will find their core values – if you come across number one and it resonates with you, you are in the right place!

1. Choose Positivity and Happiness

  • You strive to approach things in a positive and optimistic way
  • You avoid criticizing or condemning team members or users
  • You avoid complaining
  • You let the other person save face, even if they are clearly wrong
  • You are deliberate about giving genuine appreciation

Schedule, publish and analyse all your posts in one place.    You join Buffer with one of your social media accounts and then add in your others.   You upload posts and status updates – THEN either you schedule them yourself, or you let Buffer decide when is the best time to post them for you!  For example on Twitter,  Buffer actually works based on Twitter overall, not just on your account, and will decide when is the optimum time to post your tweet.   You do have the option to override this facility.  It would be worth having a trial on the free option to see what you think, and whether your engagement increases.

Buffer also has an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (all web browsers for the uninitiated of us)  so that if you are browsing a website, see a post you like, you can simply add that to your Buffer queue and they even suggest the text to go along with it.    Try Buffer out for free here 


Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an excellent free service that you can use to see who is taling about you and your business.   Or about any particular topic you are interested in.   You simply create a Google Alert e.g. Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs or Louise Brogan – enter it as an alert and then you can choose which way you want to be informed about the topic.   You can get an email snapshot, or you can have the alerts set up in an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

As well as setting up the automatic ‘vanity’ search, you can set up an alert for a coupon or discount for your favourite shop.  You can create an alert for a news story or a musician you follow.    Access Google Alerts through your Google account. Or just google it…


Another social media management tool – one of our #AntrimHour tweep favourite -in fact the @SproutSocial twitter account did engage in our chat which boosted them up the position pole for me!    Paul tells us why he likes SproutSocial below..  you can get a free trial here


Another new one for me – Boomerang works with Instagram – in their own words – the Boomerang app takes a burst of photos, then speeds them up and plays them forward and backward to create a looping Boomerang video.  I’m off for a play with that then!

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interesting apps here to help … just need to get the work folks to get me live and then i’ll get stuck in with the fb I’m leading on – I’m finding your info extremely useful and looking forward to some practical application of it all soon! Thanks

Hi Louise

Someone posted on your FB page about a good video editing app but I can’t remember the name or find the post. Do you remember what it was called?

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