On Air Coaching Call with Geraldine Carter – Episode 110

Social Bee Podcast with Geraldine Carter

Social Bee Podcast Episode 110 – On Air Coaching Call with Geraldine Carter 

Geraldine Carter is the host of the Podcast: Epic Business Growth for CPAs – we have a great conversation about how Geraldine can use LinkedIn to connect with her ideal client.   We cover how and why Geraldine should create a LinkedIn company page, and how to create content and posts that attract new customers and raise her profile. 

We also discuss how Geraldine became an unexpected feature in Seth Godin’s Ted Talk on tribes – check that out here: 


If you would like to get help with your LinkedIn, then book a 10 minute discovery call with me today at https://socialbee.as.me/?appointmentType=5654105 

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    You can find Geraldine at www.shethinksbigcoaching.com