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On Air Coaching Call – How to pivot on LinkedIn with Traci Baxley

Pivoting on LinkedIn podcast with Traci Baxley

Traci Baxley joins me for an on-air coaching call on how to ‘jump back in’ to LinkedIn following a change of direction with her business.  Traci is a Life Coach for Moms,  supporting women who are chasing the elusive “balance” instead of choosing harmony and grace to guide their lives. Traci helps moms move from fear-based parenting to intentional parenting with radical love using her parenting philosophy, Social Justice Parenting. 

Traci specializes in supporting moms of transracial families. She offers cultural coaching and consulting for transracial families (white parents with black/biracial children) and adoption agencies working with transracial families. 

I met Traci in the US in November when she was a keynote speaker at a conference we were both speaking at and I love her approach to parenting as well as business.  In this on-air coaching call we work through how LinkedIn can be a resource for Traci, and how she can change and adapt her profile to fit her true passion in business.  

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