On Air Coaching Call – Leveraging Local Networks with Nicki Osbaldiston


About Nicki

Nicki Osbaldiston from Osbaldiston Lane Creative is a marketing content creator and photographer with a passion for helping small businesses get noticed online.

At the end of 2019, after living in the US for several years, Nicki and her family returned back home to New Zealand to be closer to elderly parents.  Nicki was able to continue to work remotely from New Zealand with plans for regularly scheduled trips back to the team in the US.   Then came 2020!

During the early stages of the global pandemic, while continuing to work in her international role, Nicki also connected with some local small businesses to coach and help them get visible online. 

With NZ’s borders being cautious to reopen and the constant early hours losing their shine Nicki began to focus more time on her local business community while downscaling the other role.

Leveraging your Local Network

Nicki joins me on the podcast to talk about how she can leverage LinkedIn to connect and find more of her local network.

Nicki’s question: How do you ‘reinvent’ yourself on LinkedIn when you’ve come from a corporate role that has a distinct brand voice, so you’ve had a presence reflects that and now you are a service based small business owner?

We discuss this question in detail plus I share information about LinkedIn Local events and we find one that is happening near Nicki in New Zealand

What is LinkedIn Local?

Connecting Humans In Real Life – LinkedIn Local is a global community by the users of LinkedIn designed to take online relationships offline to get to know the person behind the profile.​

Find out the story behind the local meetups of LinkedIn networks here https://www.linkednlocal.com/

If you are ready to uplevel your LinkedIn, check out the ways I can help you here