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Why do I need email marketing?

In this world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, podcasting, you may wonder do we still need email.    Well,  I think because the noise level,  volume and SPEED of social media interactions,  your email list is actually getting to be more important.


Why is email marketing important?

You are reaching straight into someone’s inbox.  The people on your email list have signed up to receive emails from you,  so you are not sending ‘cold traffic’.   Instead of trying to catch someone’s attention in a busy news feed, or paying Facebook ads to get in front of someone, you are delivering your content right to their inbox.

When you are growing your audience,  if you collect peoples name and email addresses, you will always have a way of contacting them.   If Facebook, Twitter or Instagram decided to change how you can reach your social media followers, at least you will be able to rely on the list of email addresses you have built yourself.

There are, of course,  best practice advice and tips on how to use email marketing

  1.  Ask permission

Before you start sending someone a series of emails or newsletters, you have to have their permission.   There are various ways of gaining this –   you may have a free guide for people to sign up to that is relevant to your audience – my own free guide is aimed at busy women entrepreneurs who want to learn how to market themselves online.   By signing up for the freebie, people are entered onto my email list.   Other ways of encouraging people to join your email list may be at a speaking event,  a networking meeting, or even through a tab on your Facebook account.

2. Manage Expectations

If you tell your list you are going to email them weekly, then stick to it!  Don’t start emailing once a day, or worse, not emailing for weeks at a time.  Build up your relationship with your email list – if they expect to hear from you every Monday, schedule in time to write to them on the Friday and have the email ready to go on Monday.

3.  Provide your contact details

In your email newsletters, give your website address and your social media links.  Ask your audience to get in touch – put in a note to hit reply – let them know you’d love to hear from them.

4. Offer an easy way to leave your list

Too many email newsletters make it difficult to unsubscribe.  If I have signed up for an email, or my email address has been included on a list based on something I have bought,  and I decide I don’t want to hear from that company anymore, there is nothing more frustrating than having to walk through several steps to unsubscribe.  The worst offenders are the ones that take you to their website, where you have to login, in order to unsubscribe.  Its quite likely you don’t remember your login for the site, if you are not interested in their company!

5.  What to say in your email

It is a good idea to mix up news with offers in your email.  If you only send products to buy to your list, you are going to lose people.   Remember why they signed up in the first place – for my email list of entrepreneurs,  I want to offer them value such as advice on using email marketing,  or updates on Facebook adverts.   Also I want to write to them in a particular voice – I would like to come across as approachable, and someone who can explain online marketing in a clear straightforward manner.

6.   Automate your Email Marketing

Once you are comfortable with emailing newsletters, think about automating a series of emails for people who are new to your list.   For example,  when someone signs up for my free guide, it is likely that they are starting to learn how to market their business online.   Therefore, a series of emails which begin with how to identify your ideal client,  find your audience and start creating your social media accounts would be a good series of emails.

If you would like to hear from Social Bee, then sign up here – this link signs you up to my email newsletter and you also get a free mini book on top tips for starting to use Facebook for your business.   I’d love to get your feedback on what you think would make an idea series of emails from Social Bee.    Louise x


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