How podcasting can help you build your business with Natalie Eckdahl

Building your business that you love – with Natalie Eckdahl of BizChix Inc.

We dive into podcasting – should you start a podcast? Do you already have a podcast? What can podcasting do for your business.

Should you start a podcast? Natalie has had her podcast for seven years – what would she advise you? We talk about the KEY questions

  • what do you want your podcast to do for you?
  • what is your current visibility activity?
  • does starting a podcast bring you clients?
  • does your ideal client listen to podcasts?

What about using your podcast as a networking tool – you can invite your ideal client on as a guest and find out what their main pain points are. Or interview your key community members.

Let us know – are you going to start a podcast?