How to merge two LinkedIn Accounts

Have you got two LinkedIn accounts?

Maybe it has been a while since you used Linkedin, and when you try to login, you are getting a message to say you already have an account.

I help clients who want to build a profile and presence on LinkedIn. One question I get asked is, how do I merge two accounts?

*this is not the same as wanting to use LinkedIn for both your professional career and your new fledgling business!

LinkedIn will allow one account to be associated with one emaail address. You can add more than one email to your account.

You may have created an account with your old business email e.g. and can no longer access this email or account.

Top Tip: I recommend you add in a second personal email address to your account.

Add a second email address to your LinkedIn account

Go to your ‘Me’ menu

Select Settings & Privacy

Select Account Settings

Under Email Addresses, select ‘Change’ and add your email address

Have you found a second LinkedIn account?

To find your other account(s), search for your name on LinkedIn in the Search box at the top of the screen. Note – you can only merge duplicate accounts from the desktop version of LinkedIn.

  • The profile with the You icon is the account where you’re currently signed in.
  • A profile with your information that doesn’t have a You icon is a second account.

Can you sign into both accounts?

If you can sign into both accounts, follow these steps:

Choose the account you want to keep and login

Select Settings and Privacy from the Me Menu

Go to Account Preferences and scroll down to Account Management

Choose Merge Accounts and click on ‘change’

Confirm this is the account you wish to keep

Enter the email address and password for the account you want to close.

Click Submit.

LinkedIn will ask you to confirm you are closing the right account. Your connections will be transferred from the other account.

You’ll be sent a confirmation notification to the email address on the account you are keeping.

NB – you will NOT keep all the content on the account you are closing. If you want to keep the posts, articles etc, then download these first.

You cannot merge an account with zero contacts OR one with over 30,000 connections.

Before you close an account, remember to check if the account has access to manage a Company Page, a Group or cancel any Premium subscriptions you haveon this account.

How to merge accounts if you don’t have access to the email from the second account

Many people created LinkedIn accounts using their work email address. What if you have left that organisation and no longer have access to the email?

Maybe you have a secondary email attached to the account? Try logging in with an old home email address e.g. Gmail or Hotmail, or your phone number. If neither of these work, you will have to follow the LinkedIn Identity Verification Process.

At the login screen, enter your old work email and click Find Account

If you have no access to the email, you will have to choose Verify your Identity

The identify verification process is quite straightforward. You will need a copy of a government issued ID e.g. passport or driving licence. Once submitted, you will have to wait for LinkedIn to get in touch.

How to merge accounts if one account has zero followers/connections

To ‘merge’ an account with zero connections, simply close that account. After 48 hours, you can add the email address from your closed account to your existing account.

To close an account, go to your Me menu, select Account Management and choose Close Account.

Why should you merge your accounts?

Having more than one personal account is against the rules of the platform.

Your clients and customers search for you on LinkedIn – we want them to find the right profile to connect with!

If someone notices you have two accounts and reports you to LinkedIn, they may shut down both accounts on you.

I want to use LinkedIn for personal and business use – can’t I create two accounts? The short answer is no. This is why LinkedIn have Company Pages and personal profiles. Create a Company Page for your business. To get help, check this article

Now that you have merged your accounts, it is time to update your LinkedIn profile. Check out my LinkedIn by Lunch mini course here

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