Maximise Your Professional LinkedIn Presence with Melanie Goodman

Are you a professional looking to make the most of LinkedIn? In this episode, LinkedIn trainer and marketer Melanie Goodman joins me to talk about the world of LinkedIn and how to maximise your LinkedIn presence as a busy professional. We explore the benefits of Sales Navigator, the process for obtaining community Top Voice badges, and expert advice on professional posting strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned LinkedIn user or just getting started, this episode is full of valuable insights to boost your professional presence on the platform.

Encourage Your Professional Teams to Post on LinkedIn

  1. Have a document or list in place that your team can refer to with posting guidelines
  2. Make posting and spending time a regular event in their schedule
  3. Explain that posting on LinkedIn is similar to in-person networking events

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About Melanie Goodman

Melanie Goodman’s original career path involved practising law before emigrating to Switzerland in 2005. For the subsequent eight years, she worked in business development and social media marketing for both a large international law firm and a financial services company. This experience gave her the impetus to start her own LinkedIn marketing and training company, Trevisan. Trevisan assists businesses to achieve their goals by providing bespoke LinkedIn growth and visibility strategies.

How to Get The Badge

Melanie joins me to talk about how to use LinkedIn as someone in professional services. Solicitors, accountants, engineers, and anyone else working for large corporations – this episode is full of great tips relevant to your LinkedIn presence.

Before we dive into that conversation, we chat about the many benefits of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform. It has so many uses, including creating targeted marketing ads and helping you find the exact audience you want to speak to.

We also talk about the process for obtaining community Top Voice badges on LinkedIn and why they’re of benefit. They stay on your profile for 60 days… then it’s time to work towards another badge. Unfortunately, we can’t help you get LinkedIn’s blue verified badge as we don’t know the criteria for that – it’s a huge mystery!

LinkedIn Presence for Professionals

Okay, back to professionals! It can be tricky to navigate and decide what to post on LinkedIn. There is a balance between writing what’s on your mind, what your professional company approves of, and how to properly network on the platform. Melanie gives some great advice on what professionals can post, and she has a great resource linked below that can help.

In fact, getting employees to post on LinkedIn can be a marketing manager’s worst nightmare. However, scheduling time to network on the platform and providing a set guideline can be very helpful. Another tip is to explain that optimising and posting can increase the company’s LinkedIn presence and lead to more overall company sales.

Finally, we discuss some of our predictions for what features will come on LinkedIn. One of the features we’d most love to see is an option to toggle on a sponsored or affiliate collaboration, much like you’d see on Instagram.

Professionals, what do you struggle with when it comes to posting consistently on LinkedIn? Please let me know in the comments!


“[You get the Community Top Voice badge] by switching on Creator Mode and your profile. When you switch it on, one of the features is Collaborative Articles. In practice, what that is is LinkedIn skills you can be endorsed for and show that you’re a thought leader for those particular skills.” [9:58]

“Most associates understand that they need to generate clients. They need to understand that one of the ways to do that is LinkedIn. The same way as they might go to a networking event, [posting on LinkedIn] is the same thing.” [26:52]  

“It’s usually a mindset. Once people get into the habit of [posting on LinkedIn], they don’t think about doing it.” [28:02]

“With an optimised LinkedIn profile, you’re actually going to rank higher in searches than someone else who hasn’t done any LinkedIn training. The key is understanding how it will benefit you in your career.” [28:48]

In This Episode

  • How LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help create targeted marketing campaigns [4:30]
  • What you need to know about Community Top Voices badges [8:45]
  • What the blue badges on LinkedIn are [15:30]
  • What professionals should post on LinkedIn [21:00]
  • How marketing managers can get their teams to post on LinkedIn [25:30]
  • Why companies who post on LinkedIn rank higher on search engines [28:45]
  • Some predictions for the features LinkedIn will introduce in 2024 [30:15]

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