Marketing on LinkedIn is a marathon, not a sprint

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Running a marathon

My brother in law is running the London Marathon this year – his first marathon ever.  We got very excited because we found out we could track his every mile – not just that, but you can see where he is on the map,  what his speed is,  what time he is due to finish and it updates constantly.   He[s been training for months.  When you sign up for a marathon, you get a guide on training – how often, how far you should run, even when you start to ‘taper off’ head of the race.   Lots of preparation so you are ready to go the distance.  

Tracking the live runners  is pretty addictive.     You can also track a whole team – so if you were part of a running group or a charity fundraiser you can see how everyone in the team is doing.   

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with your marketing efforts online?

Well you can!

How your LinkedIn Marketing compares to marathon running

  1.  Enter the race!    You can’t run a marathon if you don’t apply for a place.   And you can’t market your business on LinkedIn without creating your professional account.   Nice easy step.
  • Start planning your training.   I love that marathon running has its own entire set of training pathways to follow. Personally I feel that LinkedIn does too.   I work with my clients to first of all, set up the CEO and senior team with the right accounts – and then we layout the ground work for getting to understand what is ahead
  • The work begins!  Slowly and steadily – starting out with your initial runs and building up.   Consistency pays off.
  • Get a team around you. Even better, get a coach. Someone to turn to with your questions, people for moral support and motivation.  
  • Build on your initial ground work.  So you have the profiles, and you’re learning how this thing works – now let’s get a content plan in action to build and grow
  • Hard work pays off – just like you don’t go out and run a marathon on day three, you need to a bit of work for LinkedIn to start bringing you consistent leads.   
  • Running the race – you prepped, trained, showed up and now you have a marathon under your belt!   Using an app like in the London marathon will keep you up to date – how many people are engaging with yor content?
  • Did you know you can see who is connected to you?  And their job titles?  What if your ideal client is a start up in the tech space and you want to connect with their founders,  How many of those people are in your network?

Creating content on LinkedIn that people engage with takes time and effort. What are your goals for LinkedIn? Be strategic – if you want likes for the sake of it, you can post about anything. But if you want to use LinkedIn to get leads for business, it is time to start thinking seriously about what, when and how you post content.

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