Linking in with Louise: Repurposing your content for LinkedIn, with Amy Woods

Repurposing your content for LinkedIn, with Amy Woods 

Do you create marketing content for your business? Do you spend hours and hours of your week working on it? Perhaps you work with a number of skilled freelancers and wish you could hand over your content creation to one company for them to take care of the rest? 

This week on the podcast, I interview repurposing expert, speaker and author Amy Woods. Amy is the owner of Content 10x, a creative agency that specialises in content repurposing. Amy and her team work with business owners who embrace content marketing and want to make the most of each piece of content they produce without having to spend hours doing the work themselves. 

In this episode, Amy talks about why her agency is now niching down on LinkedIn to help their clients become leads and authorities in their industry. If you want to become a leading voice on LinkedIn but also reach a wider audience through YouTube, your website, or a podcast show, Content 10x can make it happen for you while taking a weight off your to-do list and saving you tonnes of time, so you can focus on the tasks that bring money into your business. 

You will learn…

  1. How to maximise every piece of content you produce and why video should be the central focus of your content creation efforts. 
  2. Why it’s important to take the calculated risk to invest in the business you want, rather than the business you have right now – invest in content creation and repurposing, and leads and sales will come in!
  3. How you could use longer LinkedIn videos (or ‘events’) to invite and interview guests and encourage more people to watch and engage with your live videos. 

About Amy

If you’d like to connect with Amy, you can find her on her website, on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. And if you’d like to purchase Amy’s book – Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results, you can find it here

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