8 Thought Leaders who are rocking video on LinkedIn

Video is a powerful personal branding and professional growth tool we should all be making use of.

LinkedIn is a prime space for professionals to showcase their expertise and connect with their audience. Adding video to your content calendar helps build your know, like, and trust factor. Video is a great way to show who you are, show off your personality, and let your audience get a sense of what it would be like to work with you.

But don’t take our word for it. We’ve put together this list of experts who have mastered the art of using video to engage, educate, and inspire their audiences. From leadership coaches to sustainability advocates, each individual on our list brings a unique approach to video content creation on LinkedIn.

Carol Wheeler, PhD.

Carol Wheeler is a leadership coach who specialises in Gallup strengths coaching. She gives leaders and team members the tools to work to their full potential. She works with both individuals and teams, provides workshops and retreats, and is a keynote speaker. 

Her warmth and enthusiasm for her work are evident in her videos, which makes video a natural choice for her. Video is hands down the best way to convey emotion, connection, and expertise about what you’re talking about; plus, it’s a natural choice to build your know, like, and trust factor.

Carol uses video on LinkedIn to speak about Strengths, team and individual coaching, and what makes a great leader. These talking head videos are perfect for LinkedIn because they make you feel like the speaker is talking directly to you, which is incredibly effective and engaging. Carol’s videos are warm and full of information about Strengths, coaching, and becoming the best version of yourself – highly recommended!

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Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is a serial entrepreneur, author, business consultant, and professional speaker who specialises in entrepreneurship, scaling up, marketing, and sales. He speaks worldwide about starting and scaling businesses, becoming a key person of influence, developing digital assets, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and more.

His videos range from short 30-second talking head clips to longer, fully edited explainer videos. Daniel speaks on topics from developing a personal brand to growing a business. Both video styles are incredibly informative, engaging, and interesting, stuffed full of valuable information.

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Lynne Beggs

Lynne Beggs is an executive leadership coach who works with companies, teams, and individuals. She is a big-picture thinker with a growth mindset and a wealth of experience from travelling and working worldwide. Her background is in recruitment, and much of her expertise comes from people management and coaching. She provides individual and team coaching, recruitment consultation, and leadership training.

Her engaging and informed voice makes video a natural choice for building her know, like, and trust factor. With each video, she solidifies herself as a thought leader and expert executive leadership coach. 

Lynne uses video on LinkedIn to speak about leadership and team coaching, recruitment, and executive leadership training. Her talking head videos are engaging, and it feels like she’s having a conversation directly with the viewer. Lynne’s natural confidence radiates through her videos while she shares her real-life experiences in the coaching sector. They’re gently encouraging and explain exactly what it is like to work with her.

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Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is a content marketing specialist who emphasises fun, attention-grabbing, and engaging content. He offers consultation sessions that will renew your energy, training, video creation, and songs for events. How fun!

His videos are infused with humour, impressions, and songs and offer a truly unique experience on LinkedIn. Plus, they are so informative, full of helpful information and great tips on improving your own video content. Whether he uses the talking head format, sings and plays guitar to the camera, or showcases a fully edited video, Ryan’s video content is a highlight and brings something totally different and unmissable to the platform.

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Gillian Whitney

Gillian Whitney is a LinkedIn live stream strategist and coach. She works with B2B professionals worldwide to help them use video to get discovered, noticed, and recognised. She provides one-on-one training, workshops, seminars, and done-for-you custom videos.

Gillian primarily uses live video to engage with her audience. She uses both her mobile phone and her simple travelling live stream setup. This differs from talking head videos because she can speak with her audience in real-time, responding to their comments live on camera. She also often has guests on her videos (like me, hi!). Live video perfectly uses LinkedIn because it’s in-the-moment, exciting, and informative.

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Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan is a global speaker and consultant in digital sales and marketing. He’s worked with hundreds of businesses to become a trusted voice in their industries. His speaking topics include the digital customer experience, the future of sales and marketing, trust, and mastering virtual sales.

He uses video to talk about his work, marketing, brand authority and trust, showcase conversations with other experts, and give snippets of his life. Marcus’s videos range from the talking head to curated videos, and he even includes video clips from his live interviews. All of these types of videos help to build his authority and have a great impact on LinkedIn.

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Ciaran Armstrong

Ciaran Armstrong is the Co-Founder of Sustainable Pathways, a company dedicated to making sustainability easy to understand. He runs workshops focussed on understanding sustainability. He also develops user-friendly tools, resources, and short courses about sustainability and offers one-to-one sustainability support.

Ciaran’s videos are unique because he talks about sustainability while exploring. This is a powerful way to use talking head videos, mostly recorded on a third-party platform and imported, to really nail home your message. All of Ciaran’s videos tie back to his main message: creating a more sustainable world.

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Lois Cliff

Lois Cliff is a workplace wellness consultant who helps professionals lose weight, find more energy, and love their lives again. She focuses on holistic wellness because life is short, so we all had better get busy living. She offers individual training and workshops for schools and businesses.

Lois’s use of video is very chilled. She speaks directly to the camera, and you can immediately get a sense of her vibe. Her videos talk about health and wellness, everything from portion sizes and why we should eat more plants to what she’s eating and why.

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Next Steps

What do these videos have in common?

These LinkedIn videos all feature the expert speaking directly to their viewers. They all impart some wisdom, knowledge, or information that solidifies their position in the industry. They all contribute to the know, like, and trust that is essential when it comes to building a brand. And they all have a compelling caption attached to them.

If you love the thought of video but have no idea where to start, talk to us! Our LinkedIn Video Package is the perfect first step to raising your visibility on LinkedIn.