How to update the Skills Section on your LinkedIn Profile

Have you updated your LinkedIn skills section recently?

Do you know the skills section on your profile is how to show up in the LinkedIn search results?

So where do you find the Skills Section?

On your Personal Profile, scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section. It sits right under your Experience and Education sections if you have added those.

On your LinkedIn profile, you can add up to 50 skills. However, as you see in the image above, LinkedIn will show your top three skills to the viewer. In order to see more than the top three, someone has to click on the ‘Show more’ link at the bottom of this image.

What are the categories of skills on LinkedIn?

There are five key categories of skills on LinkedIn:

  • Top Skills
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Other Skills

You can add three ‘Top Skills’ which you can select yourself. If you don’t select your own top three, LinkedIn will select these for you randomly.

Example – Industry Knowledge Skills

How can you add a skill

To add a new skill to your profile, click on ‘Add a new skill’. This is greyed out but is clickable.

LinkedIn will suggest skills based on your profile.

To find the fastest growing skills requested in the marketplace, visit LinkedIn Learning blog

For coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, the skill sets will differ from those looking for employment.

Top Tip – when looking for skills to add, start typing your first word slowly and LinkedIn will start to auto-complete the options:

How do you get endorsed for a skill

Once you have added your skills, how do you get endorsed for them? The more endorsements you have, the higher you will appear in the LinkedIn search results for that skill. The easiest way to get endorsements, is to ask your network. Start endorsing others in your network and they should reciprocate.

How to endorse someone in your network

To endorse someone in your network, go to their LinkedIn profile. The person has to be one of your first level connections on LinkedIn.

Scroll down to the Skills section.

Click on the plus sign at the left hand side

You are asked how skilled the person is – the person you are endorsing will not be notified of this part. You can only endorse someone who is in your first level connection network. LinkedIn will ask you how you know this person and their skill levels.

How do you re-order your skills

One of the keys to getting endorsed for the skills you want to be known for, is to make sure the top three skills are.

To reorder your skills, click on the Edit pencil

Your top three skills are ‘pinned’ to the top. To change the top three, you will have to unpin the existing skills and pin the ones you want to appear as your top three.

How often should you update your skills?

Consider the skills you want to be found for on LinkedIn. If they are not listed on your skills section, you won’t appear for them in the search results! Most clients I work with, have not updated their skills section in years. It is worth checking your LinkedIn profile is up to date on a regular basis.

Check your personal dashboard to see what you are being found for on search

What is the Skills Quiz?

LinkedIn have a series of assessments or Skills Quizzes you can take to show your skill level.

These cover Technical, Business and Design Skills. If you are applying for a role which requires one of these skills, you may be asked to take the Skills Quiz.

Each quiz will have 15 multiple choice questions. You can take the quiz up to three times. If you are in the top 30% of people taking the quiz, you will get a badge which you can display on your profile.

How do you add a skills badge to your profile?

The purpose of the skills quiz is to add the skill to your profile for job searching. So the badge only shows up in your profile on LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Jobs.

If you are a recruiter, and are looking for someone skilled in the Microsoft Office suite, you can automatically chose to see profiles of those members who have earned the Excel, PowerPoint or Word badge.

We found that 76% of professionals wish there was a way for employers to verify their skills so they could stand out amongst other candidates. And hiring managers can commiserate โ€” 80% have found candidates do not have the skills they say they did during the interview. 

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