LinkedIn Recruiter and Headhunting with Tiina Jarvet

LinkedIn is more than a business-to-business networking site – it’s a powerful tool to take the next step in your career. Companies can use LinkedIn to attract top talent to their vacancies, and job seekers can find significant new roles on the platform. This conversation with LinkedIn recruiter and headhunter Tiina Jarvet gives excellent insight into using LinkedIn to further your career. She also gives advice for companies using the platform to recruit for their open positions.

How to Stand Out to LinkedIn Recruiters

  1. Be active on LinkedIn
  2. Engage with your current company’s LinkedIn
  3. Follow up to 20 companies you’re interested in working for
  4. Engage with those companies’ content
  5. Connect with people within those companies

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About Tiina Jarvet

Tiina Jarvet is a headhunter who uses LinkedIn to help connect companies with the right people for their job openings. She especially works with women over 40 go from feeling stuck and unappreciated in their careers to having their pick of amazing opportunities.

Tiina has worked on hundreds of recruitment projects for multinational organisations throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. She is certified by The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants and works in nine languages worldwide.

The LinkedIn Recruiter

Being a LinkedIn Recruiter is fascinating. The LinkedIn Recruiter platform, though pricey at €10,000 per year, gives you so much extra information and insight into potential candidates. Tiina gives us some insight into how she uses LinkedIn Recruiter to help companies find the best candidates for their open positions.

Companies seek out headhunters like Tiina, who specialise in finding candidates on LinkedIn. As a recruiter, Tiina gets to know her candidates deeply, so she presents with confidence to companies – her reputation is on the line, so she would never present someone whom she hasn’t vetted and interviewed herself.

One of the most common gaps Tiina sees from companies is not presenting a clear job title in their job description. Clarity is key in recruiting the best people for a job.

Standing Out to LinkedIn Recruiters

Job seekers can improve their chances of being headhunted on LinkedIn. Completing your LinkedIn profile is the most important step – even if you’re not actively seeking new employment, headhunters like Tiina can come across your profile based on the information it contains.

Being active on LinkedIn, connecting and engaging with your ideal companies and their employees, and engaging with your current company’s LinkedIn posts will also help your profile stand out to recruiters.

Have you been successfully headhunted on LinkedIn? Has your company used a recruiter to fill your vacancies? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Let me know in the comments on the episode page.


“Women underestimate their value. If you look at a job description with ten bullet points, it’s scientifically proven that when men see this, they apply with only three. Women [hesitate].” [7:46]

“The single most important skill that comes up is your job title. Your current job title or your past job title. This is what a LinkedIn recruiter will look for.” [11:07]

“If you’re afraid that your people will be headhunted, they will be headhunted anyway. You don’t need to be afraid. It’s so much about your mindset. I believe in a growth mindset.” [18:04]

“When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s so important that people on LinkedIn are engaged in their own company content and that they are the cheerleaders.” [18:52]

In This Episode

  • Why women need a push to apply for some jobs on LinkedIn [8:00]
  • How companies can work with a headhunter to find a perfect match [10:00]
  • Common missing gaps on a LinkedIn job description [11:00]
  • What LinkedIn Recruiter looks like on the back end [12:30]
  • When to reach out to a LinkedIn Recruiter [15:00]
  • Why your company staff should have an active LinkedIn presence [18:00]
  • How active LinkedIn users stand out to recruiters and headhunters [19:00]

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