Your best LinkedIn Profile Photo and Background Image

What makes your LinkedIn profile stand out?

Having a clear head and shoulders headshot as your profile picture.

Today in the podcast, I walk you through how to upload a profile photo that will attract attention. Top Tip – get a clear background!

LinkedIn Profile Headshot Tips

Your Background Image

Don’t neglect your background photo – you can use this to display the following:

  • your company logo/website
  • the city/place you live
  • an image of you working with clients
  • a display of your speaking events

The key is not to neglect this visual real estate on your profile – tune into the Podcast to get more advice.

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tips on how to grow your Linkedin network

Creating content on LinkedIn that people engage with takes time and effort. What are your goals for LinkedIn? Be strategic – if you want likes for the sake of it, you can post about anything. But if you want to use LinkedIn to get leads for business, it is time to start thinking seriously about what, when and how you post content.

How to plan your content for LinkedIn