Add a new website link to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn have introduced a new feature for the LinkedIn Creator Mode – adding a clickable link to your profile.

The new link is on your Introductory Card – the top part of your LinkedIn Profile:

Introductory Card

Why is this good?

You can customise the text on the link – so you can add a link to your lead magnet, landing page, your favourite YouTube channel – whatever you want.

You can also change the link when you want.

Write something that will catch your audience’s eye.

How to add this link

  • Go to your Profile
  • Click on the pencil button at the top right of your Introductory Card
  • Scroll down through the Intro options
  • Add your website link
  • Add your custom text

Examples of what to link to

This is where you can let your imagination run wild. Use the link to send your audience to a specific website. For example:

  • A link to sign up for your next webinar
  • The sales page for your next event
  • Your next livestream
  • Your free download
  • Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Your Podcast homepage