How to use LinkedIn Polls

What are LinkedIn Polls?  This is one of my new favourite features on LinkedIn. They are part of your personal profile status update options.

Why would you use polls?

Polls create good engagement. Actually they make GREAT engagement. Write a poll that is related to your business or expertise. Include three hashtags in your poll post so that other people outside of your network can also see your poll and participate.

Ideas for Polls

Asking your audience what type of content they would like to see

Find out what your audience’s biggest pain point is

Test the market for a new product or service idea you have

How to Create Your First Poll

LinkedIn Poll

To create your first poll, come up with a question that will engage your audience.

Click on ‘Start a Post’.

There are six options at the bottom of the pop-up window

Write your question – you have 140 characters so make it concise. You can add up to four options. I recommend you add the fourth to encourage your readers to leave their own option (this will encourage comments).

Choose the duration of your poll. You can have 1 day, 3 days, one week, or two weeks. The only restrictions on your poll are that you don’t ask for political opinions, medical information or sensitive data.

Some Poll Basics:

  • Only the person who is running the poll can see how each person has voted
  • Your network can see the volume of votes for each option, but not who has voted for which option
  • Page Admins can vote on behalf of their page in a poll
  • You can create a poll as a Page Admin on your Company Page
  • You can change your vote but you can only vote once
  • Polls cannot be edited but can be deleted by the owner

Start with testing your network out with polls.

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