Raise your profile with LinkedIn Newsletters

LinkedIn have been piloting a new feature called Newsletter for a while. Now the pilot has been rolled out to more members of the LinkedIn platform.

What is a newsletter? Why would you write one? How can you become a newsletter creator on LinkedIn?

#1 What is a LinkedIn newsletter?

A LinkedIn Newsletter is simply a series of articles you will share on LinkedIn that your audience are able to subscribe to.

You can choose the frequency of your newsletter and the topic. LinkedIn recommend you write a newsletter based on a professional topic you care about.

Example newsletter topics:

  • D&I for industry
  • Advice for women returning to work
  • Blockchain News

The difference between writing an article and creating a newsletter is that your subscribers will be notified when you publish your newsletter.

Anyone can discover, share or subscribe to your newsletter. They do not need to be in your LinkedIn first connection network.

#2 How do you get access to the newsletter feature?

If you have access to this feature, go to your LinkedIn newsfeed and click on ‘write article’.

Click on Create a Newsletter on the Publish Menu.

If you do NOT have access to publish a newsletter, you may be able to join the pilot by turning on LinkedIn Creator Mode.

To turn on Creator Mode, go to your LinkedIn Profile and scroll down to Your Dashboard box:

Go to your LinkedIn Profile, scroll down to Your Dashboard and select Creator Mode

Select Creator Mode

Add your topics you want to create content on. If you have access to Newsletters, click on the green ‘Available’ text at the bottom of your screen.

Newsletters are one feature enabled for Creators, to encourage more LinkedIn members to create content and conversation on the platform.

*** you can turn Creator Mode on to access the newsletter feature and then turn Creator Mode off again at present time ***

To keep the platform professional, there are a few access guidelines. If you do not meet this criteria, you will not yet have access to publishing your own newsletter.

TIP – start writing articles to share with your network today!

There are three key criteria for getting access to Newsletters:

  1. Having an audience. LinkedIn minimum audience for newsletter is to have at least 150 people in your network – followers or connections.

  1. You are already sharing original content – in line with the criteria for LinkedIn live access, the platform is looking for people who are already creating original content ON LinkedIn. So simply sharing your blog or videos from elsewhere may not be enough. Upload your original video, create engaging posts, publish articles etc.

  1. You abide by LinkedIn professional community standards. Don’t give access to someone else to log into your account, and avoid joining ‘pods’. Share content that is useful and relevant to your professional life

#3 Creating your first newsletter

Choose your title.

What are you planning to write about? As this is your professional network, consider what you want to be known for. You CAN change your newsletter title but this is not recommended by LinkedIn.

How often do you want to publish?

The choices are daily, weekly, biweekly (or fornightly!) or monthly. You can change this option.

Add your description

To encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter, consider the description. Who will this appeal to? Keep it simple!

Tip – to check what newsletters you are subscribed to, click on My Network at the top of your screen.

Add your logo

Upload a logo for your newsletter – 300 x 300 pixels in size. This can be added later or replaced.

This is what your viewer/audience will see:

#4 Inviting your network to subscribe

When you publish your first newsletter, you can invite your whole network to subscribe. You are also able to share your newsletter and of course use other methods to invite people to subscribe e.g. your email newsletter and other social media channels.

Push, email and notifications are sent to all your newsletter subscribers once you hit publish on your next newsletter.

How your subscribers see the notification of your next newsletter

#5 Writing your newsletter – best practice

Now you are ready to publish your newsletter.

Give each newsletter a title that attracts your subscriber to read it. Add a cover image – 744 x 400 pixels recommended

Cover image for newsletter

The structure of writing your newsletter is similar to that of writing an article. How to write articles that people will read and share.

Key tips are to write in short paragraphs and give valuable content. Your readers will not be interested in fluff. Unless you are a pillow manufacturing expert.

Add images, links to video content, format with bullet points, headings and

End your newsletter with a question to your reader to engage them. Ask them to subscribe and share if relevant.

If writing is not your thing, feel free to reach out for help – we can write your newsletter FOR you and all you need to do is hit publish.