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Are you ready to make the most of LinkedIn?

What is the LinkedIn mastermind?

A group of no more than 6 people meeting once a month with the joint aim of LinkedIn mastery, visibility, leads and sales.

Each person gets 10 minutes to focus on their burning question (hot seat with input from me and the other members.)

Expert Coaching and Consultation

I will spend 20 minutes updating the group on what is new on LinkedIn, trending content and tips and advice on building your presence. 


Who am I and why should you care?

I have been teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to use LinkedIn to get leads and sales for over 8 years.  

As an expert contributor to Social Media Examiner,  host of LinkedIn with Louise podcast, and the 2021 Small Business Community Award winner,  I am GENUINELY PASSIONATE about helping you get business from LinkedIn.


Want to become known as the expert you are?

Want to get leads and sales without feeling like you are selling your soul?

Want to spend less than half an hour a day on the ONE social media platform where your ideal client is?

Let’s do this!


What will we not do?

I will NOT ask you to join a pod,  I will NOT ask you to connect with hundreds of (let’s face it, irrelevant) LinkedIn users.  I will not ask you to use automated messages. 

Ok this sounds like my cup of tea.  So then, what WILL I do?

Work with you to build an amazing visible presence on LinkedIn, connect with people who can become your clients and customers, and keep you from feeling sick from overwhelm or icky sleazy practices.

Yes, I abide by the LinkedIn professional community standards.  I will answer your questions.  We will have fun. 🤩


Introducing... the LinkedIn Mastermind

What’s Included?

  • Monthly calls with your mastermind members
  • Each person gets 10 minute dedicated to answering your  key questions
  • Access to my full LinkedIn Learners course
  • As part of your monthly call, I will be sharing what is new and exciting on LinkedIn and how you can use these features
  • LinkedIn Group for the members of your mastermind

What Experience Do I Have?

I have previously run two mastermind with members from three countries.  I have also managed a membership with over 45 members, hosting weekly calls.  When I organised the Social Media Bootcamp Belfast, I introduced the in-person mastermind to my audience as they are SO valuable in helping you take the big leap forward you need. 

Why is this not a membership?

Great question!

With a membership, each person does not get dedicated time in the ‘hotseat’.

I am designing this six month mastermind in a way that you can ask me directly for input into your presence on LinkedIn.   The other members of the group can offer ideas, suggestions and support, but I nkow that you want to know what I think of your issue or question.  So think of this as your monthly strategy call.  Only as part of a group!

Why does being in a group matter?

When your turn in the hotseat is over, you can listen to the other members questions and the answers I suggest.   Having six people in the group means we can cover a LOT of ground.  And I always love being part of a community.  If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!   Plus we get to keep each other accountable. 

How much does it cost?

This investment in yourself is $300 USD per month for six months.  

I know what you’re thinking...

I don't have the money right now

This is not for everyone! But I can promise you, the investment will reap its rewards pretty fast.  If you implement the ideas and suggestions from the group, I full expect you to make your money back within weeks. *


*this is not a guarantee – you do need to do the work!

I would rather work with you one to one

Wonderful!  I would love to support you on a one to one basis.  Please check out how to do that here –

Yes, I’m ready to do this

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