LinkedIn Marketing for B2B – 3 ways your team can help

Would you like to reach a professional audience of over 850m? With an increasing growing membership, LinkedIn is the number one B2B social media platform. 40% of B2B marketers surveyed indicated LinkedIn as the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads.

How can you use LinkedIn to market your business?

One very valuable resource is available to you right now. Your People!

If you can encourage, empower and entice (three E’s right there) your employees to amplify your business message on LinkedIn, you have a greater opportunity to reach more of the right people.

So how can your team help you to win business on LinkedIn?

Lets start with what not to do:

  • Ask your team to send sales messages to all their contacts
  • Ask your team to post on LinkedIn without any direction
  • Forget about your team altogether (yes… it happens)

So how can we empower, encourage and entice our employees?

Empower Your Employees to use LinkedIn

This is simple. Provide your team with the training to understand how and why they should be using LinkedIn.

We work with many clients who have teams. The best results happen when the CEO invests in training for their team members. We create the content for the business Company Page, and then work with their teams. We work on optimising their profiles, and showing them how to share the company message.

By empowering your employees to use LinkedIn, they will start to build their own professional networks – connect with people they are interested in having conversations with, and this should lead to more opportunities for both the employee and the company.

Zoom call for training with multiple people on screen
LinkedIn Team Training

Encourage your team to use LinkedIn

When we run our training sessions, the attendees realise the impact that their involvment can have on the reach of the Company on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, when an admin posts on their Page, 30% of the engagement comes from their employees, who are 14X more likely to share that content vs. other content types.

LinkedIn Business Solutions

We believe that by sharing valuable interesting content on your Company Page, and training your team on how to use that as content for their own profiles, you are helping your employees – they don’t have to work out what to write about – it’s all there.

Entice your employees to use LinkedIn

How do you feel about a little healthy competition?

With LinkedIn company pages, you can see which members of your team are engaging and sharing the content. Why not set up a 30 day challenge to see who can engage the most? Reward the employees who are on board with marketing the business message.

Your employees can now also invite their connections to follow the company page

How to grow your page followers

How can we help?

Here at Louise Brogan Ltd, we can take the heavy lifting off your hands. By creating relevant, valuable and engaging content for your Company Page and teaching your team how to amplify your message, you can reach more of those B2B clients on LinkedIn.

How does it work?

We create a plan of action for you – with monthly calls to make sure everyone is on the right track – we create and post your content for you on the Company Page, and we work with your team to ensure that message gets out to more people.

All for less than the price of hiring one single marketing expert into your business. Get in touch today to find out more.

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