LinkedIn Live Q&A with Angela Pitter

Join Louise and Angela to find out what’s working, and what’s not, on LinkedIn in 2023

We cover LinkedIn Learning, using AI on LinkedIn, building your personal brand, profiles, LinkedIn for non-profits, Company Page updates and so much more.

LinkedIn Live with Angela Pitter – LinkedIn Q&A


  • Angela’s introduction.0:01
  • What conferences are good to go to?
  • Advice for people using linkedin learning.8:02
    • The key piece of advice angela would give someone using AI.
    • Linkedin learning courses.
    • The new skills section on LinkedIn.
    • How to link skills to your about.
  • Where does a skill apply to?11:43
    • Where to apply skills in the skill section.
    • What nonprofits should know about LinkedIn for nonprofits.
    • LinkedIn training for nonprofit leaders.
  • How to get speakers to agree to attend linkedin live?15:45
    • How to get speakers to agree to attend a LinkedIn live event.
    • How to plan out your next three months of content.
  • What’s the problem with linkedin?18:52
    • Linkedin takes away pinned comments in the first release.
    • Pinning to the top of company pages.
    • Building brand and reach through posts and comments on LinkedIn.
    • Commenting on other people’s posts.
  • The key to using linkedin as a brand.24:15
    • The key to using LinkedIn as a link.
    • Do arts organisations use LinkedIn.
    • LinkedIn has developed a suite of resources to help nonprofits.
    • Nonprofits can add donate buttons.
  • Linkedin page feature.27:26
    • Linkedin has a message-a-page feature in the US.
    • Pagespeed has a new feature.
  • Have you set up the lead gen form?30:39
    • Angela on her own company page.
    • Lead gen form on her LinkedIn profile.
    • A quick shout-out to Dee Williams.
    • In-person events in person events this week.
  • What’s next for Eric?36:55
    • Big boost mondays in belfast.
    • Outbound email demand generation and commitments.

Angela Pitter is the founder and CEO of LiveWire Collaborative, a digital marketing consultancy. We collaborate with clients to build comprehensive solutions that help them find their target communities and convert them into customers. Our superpower is helping business owners understand how their digital footprint shows up for their customers and clients and where it isn’t showing up so they can close the gaps and find the people who need their help most.

Previously featured on the TV series Chronicle, WCVB, Angela is a highly sought-after speaker who has personally trained thousands of CEOs, business owners, and consultants worldwide on her signature LinkedIn Influencer framework. She is the recipient of numerous awards and was recently recognized by the Charles River Regional Chamber of Commerce and GetKonnected as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Business People of Color. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds both her M.S. in Administration and B.S. in Computer Engineering from Boston University. Angela currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Charles River Regional Chamber of Commerce. Follow her on Twitter: @angelapitter and visit website

00:00 Introductions

05:00 AI on LInkedIn

09:15 LinkedIn Learning and free classes on using AI

15:45 Inviting someone to be a speaker at your LinkedIn Event

21:38 Best tips for building your personal brand on LinkedIn

32:01 Lead Gen Forms on Company Pages

34:12 Inbox for Company Pages

35:47 Speaking Events