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Get consistent leads on the world's largest business network

Are you getting consistent leads and sales through LinkedIn?

Learning how to navigate a social media platform is TOUGH.

 What do you post?

Who do you connect with?

Can you share the same content you put on Facebook (quick tip: no)

Who is keeping you accountable?

A lot of my clients come to me with the same issues – they have an old LinkedIn account, stuffed full of contacts from their previous jobs.   Maybe you view LinkedIn as boring.  Or you aren’t sure what to post on there.  

But you KNOW your ideal clients are on LinkedIn.   How on earth can you find them?

This is where I can help you.

Inside this course you will learn:

  • How LinkedIn actually works
  • How to build a genuine network around you that leads to business
  • How to create a network that you enjoy interacting with
  • What, when and how to post
  • How to connect with people for lead generation (without spamming anyone)
  • What type of content works best
  • and a whole lot more….

Sound good?  Read on. 

Social Media Examiner

Who am I and why should you care?

I am Louise Brogan, and I have been teaching entrepreneurs how to use LinkedIn to get leads and win business for over 7 years. 

After working in corporate for 15 years in IT, I set up my own business to help others with their social media.  I love teaching people (in another life, I am pretty sure I would be teaching GCSE Geography)  and am in my element when I am hosting my group calls twice a month.   There is NO such thing as a stupid question in my mind.  Helping others is my favourite past time.

However, by the time you get to me, you might have come across some of the following……


Mistakes that people make...

MISTAKE 1 -thinking that LinkedIn is boring

When you logon to LinkedIn, is your newsfeed full of stuff you are not interested in?  Or people you can’t remember connecting with?

It is time to clean up your network and start building a network of people you want to interact with. 

I will help you to build a network full of interesting people, potential clients and possible collaborations. 

No more boring stuffy newsfeed for you!

MISTAKE 2 - You never post anything on LinkedIn

Remember Kevin Costner and the Field of Dreams?  Build it and they will come?  Uh-uh…  that is not how it works on social media! 

99% of all LinkedIn accounts never post ANYTHING at all.  And for a lot of you, I know why. 

But what do you post?

I will teach you what to post, when and how.   Sharing content that helps your audience and draws engagement that WILL lead to inquiries and sales. 

MISTAKE 3 - Your LinkedIn Profile doesn't attract your ideal client

When did you last update your LinkedIn Profile?

What does your headline say?

Have you got a good profile photo and cover image?

When someone sees your profile, do they click on it to find out more?

What about your About Summary – does it lead to conversations and inquiries?  

In LinkedIn Learners Lab, we get dive deep into overhauling your profile.  Writing a profile that will attract your ideal clients (and repel those you don’t want to work with

Introducing... LinkedIn Learners Lab

What’s Included?

  • fully comprehensive training on how to use all aspects of LinkedIn
  • right length training videos  to help master your LinkedIn game 
  • regular updates on LinkedIn features

No more having to use Google or YouTube to find out how to use LinkedIn!

I know what you’re thinking...

Do I have time for this?

 I know – we are all busy!

  But by learning HOW to use LinkedIn, and getting consistent leads from your actions, you will actually be spending LESS time on social media, and winning more business. 

The course has been created in a way that you can dip in and learn what you need, as you need it.  Short videos getting straight to the point. 



There are seven modules in the group programme which you work through in your own time. 




Questions You Might Have

Full Price is $595 


12 payments  x $47

There are seven modules for the LinkedIn Learners Lab.

Each module has videos which are all made in digestible bite-size – 10-15 minutes long. 

Each module has between 5 and 6 videos. I am adding new videos all the time, as LinkedIn brings out new features!




7 x monthly payments

One Time Payment


one time payment

Yes, I’m ready to do this