LinkedIn University Page: 4 Benefits for Higher Education Marketing

If you’re a higher education professional who is looking to market your university and attract more students, then this article on the benefits of your LinkedIn University Page is for you.  

Introduced in 2013, University Pages on LinkedIn give higher education institutions a specific presence on the platform. According to LinkedIn:

A LinkedIn Page for a university or high school is the destination for an organization to market itself and build a community.”

There are now c. 120,000 institutions on LinkedIn. Here’s an example of a University Page from Queen’s University Belfast:

4 reasons to utilise and update your LinkedIn University Page 

University LinkedIn Pages have seen several features added over the years and represent a powerful opportunity to engage with the audiences interested in the institutions – including prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and employers.

I outline below the 4 main benefits of claiming your institution’s LinkedIn University Page and, most importantly, keeping it regularly updated:

#1: To showcase the institution and attract students

According to Forbes, LinkedIn has over 40 million students and recent graduates using the platform. And, in 2019, LinkedIn was responsible for 120,000 undergraduate and graduate enrollments for universities in the United States. 

Therefore, the opportunity for LinkedIn higher education marketing has never been greater. 

You can use your page to attract new students in two main ways…

1 – Update your LinkedIn University Page with regular quality content that highlights what makes your institution unique. 

To make the most of your LinkedIn University Page, consider creating content to:

  • Educate prospective students about the university – with institution rankings, virtual tours of the campus, information about the application and enrollment process and snapshots of life at the university.

Here’s an example from Trinity College Dublin:

  • Highlight the culture of the university – with campus news, activities and initiatives. 
  • Showcase student experiences and testimonials – from both current students and alumni. 
  • Celebrate the academic, research and extracurricular achievements of students and faculty –

Here’s an example from Queen’s University Belfast:

Tip: For more information and ideas, check out the LinkedIn Tactical Content Marketing Plan for Universities

2 – Consider utilising LinkedIn promotion tools to target specific student profiles. 

Paid advertising opportunities on LinkedIn allow you to “capture mindshare and drive higher enrollment”, with targeted campaigns based on demographics, interests or personas.

Tip: For more information visit the Higher Education Marketing Resources on LinkedIn. 

#2: To attract qualified staff

With more than 675 million LinkedIn members worldwide, utilising your LinkedIn University Page to attract and recruit new staff is a powerful way to reach qualified candidates. 

In the same way that regular, valuable content about the university and its culture can help attract enrollments, it’s also the case when it comes to recruitment. 

Here’s an example from University College Cork:

In addition, the advertising and recruitment process for new positions can be managed directly through your institution’s page. The example below is from University College Dublin:

#3: To support existing students

One of the original cornerstones in the development of LinkedIn University Pages was to “help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers.

Your University Page can be a valuable tool in your wider social media strategy to engage existing students and provide advice around university life, as well as highlight career and development opportunities. 

Here’s an example of a post written by alumni to help new students of Queen’s University Belfast to get the most out of their time there: 

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#4: To engage alumni

According to Sprout Social, “For universities, the love and commitment of your alumni can be a powerful tool for fundraising opportunities, marketing and brand awareness.

Having the ability to connect and engage with your alumni on your LinkedIn Page is a powerful asset for every higher education institution. 

The ‘Alumni’ tab on a University’s LinkedIn Page shows high-level insights about the alumni of the institution, as well as the ability to identify alumni to connect with on an individual basis. 

Here’s a snapshot of the University of Bristol Alumni section:

The Alumni tool on LinkedIn is an easy way for students affiliated with your university to connect with alumni in their industry. 

LinkedIn University Page: Conclusion

Your LinkedIn University Page provides a powerful medium for engaging prospective and current students, qualified staff, alumni, employers and donors. Maintaining an updated and regular presence for your University on LinkedIn has real benefits for the marketing and growth of your institution. 

What are your thoughts? Is your institution utilising all the features LinkedIn provides? Let me know in the comments.