Should you get LinkedIn Creator Mode (and what is it?)

This week’s podcast is all about a new feature that’s just launched on LinkedIn – it’s called LinkedIn Creator Mode

Over the last 10 years, LinkedIn has really changed from where it used to be. Back then, you may have turned to LinkedIn to find a job and would have maybe updated your profile accordingly. Fast forward to today and there’s a small, but growing, group of people who are creating content on the platform, for the platform. For example, live videos, writing articles, blog posts and comments all intended to start conversations. The LinkedIn creator feature is an amazing opportunity to increase visibility on the platform and showcase thought leadership. 

Who are LinkedIn Creators

In this episode I discuss who LinkedIn creators are, and how to judge for yourself how, and why, you’re using LinkedIn to see whether you might fall into this category (heads up – not everyone will, and that’s totally fine!).

Here are  the three key elements that LinkedIn Creator offers:

  1. Adding up to five topics you will talk about on LinkedIn on your Introductory Card
  2. Switching to ‘follow’ first.  LinkedIn Creator Mode will show the number of followers:  how many you have and whether they’re visible and clickable to your network
  3. Prioritisng your content in the ‘Activity’ Section of your profile

If you want to find out more about LinkedIn Creator Mode, book a strategy call with me. 

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