Why you should have a LinkedIn Company Page

why you should have a company page on LinkedIn

What are LinkedIn Company Pages and should you use them?

LinkedIn Company Pages are a way for organisations to showcase their business, connect employees, promote products and services and share news and updates about the organisation/company.

There are 30 million businesses on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn Company Pages were launched in 2018. If you are a business – solo or global, you should have a Company Page on LinkedIn. Let’s find out why.

What is the difference between a Company Page and a personal profile?

As an individual user, you login and create a personal profile account. This is the account you use to interact with your network, share your thought leadership, and raise your profile.  There are just over 710 million LinkedIn personal accounts.  Focus on using this account to build relationships with your network.

LinkedIn Personal Profile Introduction Card

The Company Page showcases the business brand, highlights staff and allows for recruitment among other benefits.

LinkedIn Company Page.

Do you need a Company Page?

My answer is YES for the following reasons:

  1. People are looking for your business. Having a Company Page helps with SEO (search engine optimisation) – the more ways someone can find your business, the better. 
  2. If you want to recruit new staff, they will be checking out your business online and the Company Page can showcase the business as a potential place of work
  3. As your company grows, your team can share your business story with their audience and can also contribute to creating content on the company page. 

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What do you share on your LinkedIn Company Page?

The main question I get asked from solo entrepreneurs is – what do I share on my Company Page. 
Consider this – if you are using LinkedIn the way I recommend, then your personal profile is used to start conversations and build relationships with your network. 

This leaves the more traditional marketing content to your Company Page. 

4 Types of Content to share on your Company Page

1.  If you are creating regular content for your business, this is where you can share it on LinkedIn.  For example if you create a weekly blog or podcast, share this on your Company Page.

2. Share a regular video from yourself or your team. A quick way for your viewers to engage with your company is to connect via video. On the Company Page example below, the member of staff is being asked for a ‘voxpop’ opinion which is then shared with their followers.

3. Share updates from your company – events you are hosting, attending either online or in person. Creating your events on LinkedIn allows you to invite your followers and drum up interest. Find out more about LinkedIn Events here.

4. Use your page to highlight business partners and relationships – a win-win for everyone involved

Linkedin for Business

Why a Company Page is good for your team

If you have a team working with you in your business, then having a Company Page is an excellent idea for LinkedIn. Here’s why.

You can highlight your team and their achievements

Your team can add your business to their personal profile experience, giving them more credibility

In this profile, the experience section has two company pages, but the third company doesn’t have a page. This is reflected with a LinkedIn ‘building block’ filler.

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Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started!

How to use LinkedIn for Law Firms

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One reply on “Why you should have a LinkedIn Company Page”

Thanks for this. The distinction between company page and personal profile for a solopreneur is helpful.

I’ve also found recently that other companies’ company pages can be a great research tool. I have a list of companies I want to work with. Some of them are stingy on their website with information about their staff, making it difficult to figure out who I want to reach out to at the company. By looking up their company page, I can often find a list of all their employees (the ones who have linked in profiles) with their job titles. I can click on the profiles of the ones with the right profiles and see if we know anyone in common who could make an introduction. I can also see if we have any common interests, a common former employer, schools we attended, or anything else that would incline them to accept an invitation to connect with me.

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