LinkedIn Articles vs. posts

Do you write articles for LinkedIn?

What is the difference between an article and a post?

Why should you write an article for LinkedIn?

If you are writing articles and blogs for your own website, isn’t that enough? Let’s think about the volume of traffic coming to your website every day. Then compare that to the number of people who are on LinkedIn. You want to get as many people viewing your content as possible

Writing on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to share your subject matter expertise and brings more awareness and visibility to your products and services.

What is the difference between a post and an article on LinkedIn?

Length of a LinkedIn Article vs a post:

An article is a much longer form piece of content. You can write up to 125,000 characters in your article. A LinkedIn post on your personal newsfeed is limited to 1300 characters.

Content for your LinkedIn articles:

Your article is a tool to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a deeper way. Use writing articles on LinkedIn to establish yourself.

A recent client of mine, Maggie Frank-Hsu, a ghostwriter based in California, was encouraged (by me!) to write an article explaining her trade. Within a few days, someone has reached out to her to find out more about her services.

The content of your posts should be more conversational in tone – for ideas on what to share, go to What type of content posts can you create on LinkedIn?

Think about sharing quick wins for your audience, asking their opinions on something, maybe sharing an article you have read on another site.

Longer form content is rewarded by the search engines. Your thought leadership piece can rank on Google and lead more people to find you via your LinkedIn articles.

Adding Visuals to your LinkedIn articles and posts:

Articles will include more media e.g. links to video, images, slides for example

Posts can share images or links to external content with an image. You can create document (or carousel) posts or go live. Articles give more opportunity to share multiple pieces of media.

How many views do articles get vs posts?

Articles do not get as many views as post on LinkedIn in the short term. However, a good evergreen article (one about a topic that people will continue to search for and read) has a much longer shelf life than a post in the newsfeed

This article I wrote about LinkedIn profiles continues to bring traffic and connection requests

Check out the analytics on your article at the bottom (just before the comments section)

Find out how many views your post has had by checking underneath the post:

To give your articles a helping hand, check out this article I wrote for Social Media Examiner – How to write articles that people will read and share

What do posts and articles have in common?

We recommend that you try to write content that your audience wants to read/view/share.

With both articles and posts, choose a subject that not only interests your reader but also invites them to respond or engage.

If you aren’t sure what to write an article on, take it back to basics like Maggie did. Start with an explainer article that lays out exactly how you can work with someone.

A simple tip is to invite your reader to comment below by asking them a question.

So I will end with my own question – have you written an article for LinkedIn recently?

Connect with me to find out how I can support you with your LinkedIn presence.

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3 replies on “LinkedIn Articles vs. posts”

Thank you, Louise, this was very helpful, and good timing for me. I was in the middle of writing something to post on LinedIn without really having a full understanding of the difference between articles and posts.

I would add a third option which LinkedIn has added – posting a document (a PDF)
Why is this useful?
There used to be (still is?) an application called slide share – now you can post presentations as a PDF which is an easier way for some people to consume your ideas than a longform article
You can also post an infographic as a PDF which is easier for people to read

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