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Why every entrepreneur needs email marketing

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In my Facebook group recently, we had a conversation about emails which went something like this:

I have emailed 35 people I met at a conference last week – is there any way to hide the email addresses from the other readers?

If you are using an email service provider,no one can see the other email addresses.

What’s an email service provider? Is that like Hotmail?

What is an Email Service Provider?

So let’s dig in a little here.   Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo email are all email accounts where you can send and receive emails.   Email Service Providers (ESP)  are a way of managing your emails out to your clients/customers/email list.  You can get your ESP on a free account up to a certain number of email addresses,  or you can pay a monthly fee for an ESP.

Email Service Providers (ESP)  are a way of managing your emails out to your clients/customers/email list.  You can get your ESP on a free account up to a certain number of email addresses,  or you can pay a monthly fee for an ESP.  Fees can start from £10 a month and go up depending on how many people are on your email list.

Why do you need an ESP?

Your email service provider can segment out lists of email addresses for you.

For example, I have a list of email addresses for people who have signed up for my 30 Day Challenge,  one for people who’ve attended my Facebook webinars, one for people who’ve bought my course on Facebook or Twitter – you get the picture.

Previously when I used Mailchimp, if someone signed up for ALL of these things, their email address was counted multiple times.  Which is fine until you reach the threshold of their free account (2000 addresses) or if you want to start creating email sequences or automation.  (note – Mailchimp are now providing automation for all accounts).

Using an email service provider allows you to set up Autoresponders.   An example of an autoresponder would be if you clicked on the link at the top of this blog to get your free social media strategy template.  When you enter your email address and confirm the subscription, my email service provider will AUTOMATICALLY send you out the social media strategy template.  Compare this to having to write an email to someone asking them for their template, and having to wait until they checkedtheir inbox before getting your reply.

Why do you need an email list?

When you are marketing your business on social media, or on a blog like this,  your customer has to come and find you.   When your customer is on your email list,  when you write out to them, you go straight into their inbox.  They don’t need to go searching for you, as you are right there on their phone or laptop.

I now use Convertkit to manage my emails.   The reasons I use an email service provider to manage my email list:

  • sending out an email to all or part of my list is easy
  • I can see who has opened my email
  • who has clicked on links in my email
  • when people unsubscribe, I can see what email made them want to leave my list
  • when someone subscribes to my email lists,  they are automatically sent a personalised welcome email series over two days which will introduce them to me and my business
  • when I am promoting a new course or webinar, I can send to the people on my list who have expressed an interest in that particular topic

There are lots of other reasons too, including the ability to send someone a free mini book or strategy template when they request one.   These are called Lead Magnets.   You can see on my blog, that I have different downloadable freebies for you –  mini book on Facebook,  social media strategy template, a list of Twitter hours in the UK and so on.    When you want to get hold of one of these freebies, you have to enter your email address so that I can send it to you.   This puts you on my email list!

Another very strong reason for having your email list on an email service provider – and in some countries, the legal reason – is that you have to allow the person on your list to unsubscribe!

Next time you see an email written from another small business, you will see an Unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.   A big no-no for email marketing is when someone decides to add you to their email list without your permission. I always unsubscribe from these types of unsolicited emails.

So do you have an email list?   Which service provider do you like using?

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Why every entrepreneur needs to start building an emaillist



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I use MailerLite and have been very happy with it. I’m soon coming to the 1000 subscribers limit when it is no longer free but will definitely continue using it. It has great automation features and it is easy to do campaigns when you use freebies. It also has landing page templates that are easy to customize.

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