How we encourage your team to market your Company on LinkedIn

Active and engaged employees on LinkedIn can help build your business, increase brand loyalty, and improve employee engagement. But to achieve this, it all starts with the company leaders. They must set an example by being active on LinkedIn, engaging with their company’s business page, and setting expectations for their employees’ behavior on the platform.

Here’s how we help you to to involve your team more effectively in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Get Your Team Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social networking platform for business growth, connection, and development. Encourage your employees to get active on LinkedIn, as it benefits them personally and professionally, and is extremely beneficial for your company.

When employees are active online, they build their business presence and personal brand, form relationships with colleagues, make valuable networking connections, and further their professional profiles.

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Giving and receiving recommendations is another essential aspect of an employee’s profile. This helps build your company’s reputation since other people will see that you have hired talented and recognized individuals.

By being active on LinkedIn, your team can help increase your company’s communication reach.

Optimize Your Employee Profiles

The first step is to ensure that your team has an optimized LinkedIn profile. As part of our work, we can provide either written profiles OR offer your team training on how to optimize their profiles themselves. This shows that you’re invested in their growth, and encourages them to be actively involved in your company on LinkedIn.

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It’s crucial that they list their position at your company in their current employment section. This way, your company logo and name will appear, and their profile will link to your company page. This helps to improve your company’s visibility and credibility.

Engage with Your Company Page

We encourage your employees to engage with your company page on LinkedIn. Since employees are 70% more likely to engage with your company updates, they are your first and most engaged followers. When your employees like, comment on, and share your company’s posts, they help increase your company’s reach and visibility.

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When other LinkedIn users see your employees connecting with your content, it helps to humanize your company. It shows that your employees agree with your mission, vision, and values and want to share that with their network. Encourage your employees to connect with each other on LinkedIn to improve cross-department communications.

Benefits of Active Teams on LinkedIn

Having an active team on LinkedIn offers many benefits. It builds trust amongst your employees, and it shows that you trust them to be a visible face of your company. Having active teams on LinkedIn increases your company’s credibility, and your employees benefit from increased credibility as well.

Increasing your company’s visibility is another massive benefit of having active team members on LinkedIn. The more your company posts are shared and linked to, the more awareness your company gets on LinkedIn. This improves your overall SEO performance and increases your ranking when searching for your company on LinkedIn.


Encourage your team to get active on LinkedIn. Invest in your teams and your marketing budget to help boost your company’s profile, leading to more visibility, increased brand recognition, and more sales.

We offer the following help:

  • Content Creation for your company page
  • Training for your team
  • 12 week toolkit to keep your team engaged
  • Regular updates for you and your team on best practice on LinkedIn

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