How to use video on LinkedIn for thought leadership

“Video stands out because it doesn’t tell, but it shows.” Renske Siersema
Social Media Manager, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Are you embracing video on LinkedIn?

“Nearly 60% of B2B leaders have named video the leading technique for brand building, according to LinkedIn’s 2023 B2B Marketing Benchmark. Among those same leaders, 67% indicate that they will be increasing their use of video in the coming year.

And the audience is ready! It is estimated that 3.63 billion members of the global population will be streaming video by the end of the year, with eMarketer data showing that the average US adult spends 3 hours and 22 minutes consuming video content each day.”

Alexandra Morales, Writer, Editor, Social Media Manager, LinkedIn April 9, 2024

Live discussion on Creating Video for LinkedIn

We agree!

That’s why our core service is video marketing for LinkedIn.

You may not be ready to commit though – which is why we created our Visibility Package. You can test out whether you or your audience are ready for your face on LinkedIn.

I say GO FOR IT.

Here’s why.

  • People love watching video – average US adult spends 3 hours and 22 minutes consuming video content each day.
  • Video content helps to grow the ‘know, like and trust’ factor much quicker than any other format
  • You stand out from your competitors
  • We can all read posts and blogs – but when we watch you on video, YOU become recognisable

How we make it easy

You are interested in video. But how do get started?

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Create your content plan
  • Identify your core audience
  • Write down the key topics you want to be known for
  • Get a good microphone and video – you can use your webcam or smartphone
  • Practice
  • Hit record

Top Tips on Video for LInkedIn

Keep it short – video posts under 3 minutes work best

Always add captions – we use Descript.Ai to chop up our videos and add captions

Write a LinkedIn post to go with your video – our preferred format is to introduce what is in your video, share some useful information or advice and then ask your audience a question to get more engagement

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