How to use the LinkedIn Featured section in your personal profile.

What is the LinkedIn featured section? This is a new section on Your LinkedIn personal profile where you can choose to share posts, links, videos or articles that you want to highlight.

This is only available for personal profiles. It replaces the old section where you could add video or links to your About Section. It sits underneath the About section and really jumps out at the reader.

Featured section on LinkedIn personal profile
LinkedIn Featured section on your personal profile

What types of content can you put in your featured section?

You can upload Posts, Articles, Links to external sites and media.

How to add to your Featured Section on LinkedIn personal profiles
  • Posts – you can feature your own LinkedIn posts. You cannot share group or event posts. Showcase content that you are proud of – or that shows off your professional expertise. Click on Add a Post – then select the post you want to feature by clicking on the blue ‘feature’ star.
add a post to your featured section on linkedin
add an article to featured section on LinkedIn
  • Links – have you been a guest expert on someone’s website? Maybe you have a podcast episode you want to share. I use the Links option to showcase my YouTube videos on LinkedIn
add a link to your featured section

There are limits on the media you can add as a link. LinkedIn support lists the following file formats:

  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)
  • .jpg/.jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif – this doesn’t support animation, however the first frame will be extracted

There are size limits:

  • The file size cannot exceed 100 MB.
  • The page limit is 300 pages.
  • The word count limit is one million words.
  • The maximum resolution for images is 120 mega pixels.

Option 4 is to share media – you can upload a video or image directly.

How to arrange your Featured Section

edit featured section

To edit or rearrange your featured posts, click on the blue pen.

You can delete or edit a featured link. When you delete your featured post, you cannot reverse this option.

To drag the featured posts into a different order, use the = option highlighted below:

Edit featured section uploads

Posts or articles are not automatically added to your Featured Section. If you want to add a post to this section after posting it, you can do this by clicking the … option at the top right of your post.

This new section on LinkedIn is an excellent way to highlight your services and expertise.

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