How to use messaging on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, professionals and business owners are using the messaging service to connect, build on relationships and invite their network to connect offline.

LinkedIn messaging can have a negative connotation. Too many sales people are using it to send immediate sales messages once they have their connection request accepted. There is a better way.

You can use LinkedIn messaging to build your business online without spamming your network. Here’s how:

1. Sending a personalised invite

When you go to someone’s profile, click on the Connect buttton

Once your connection request has been sent, a window pops up to suggest you add a note to personalise your invite.

You can add a note of up to 300 characters.

What do you say in your LinkedIn connection request?

I suggest you have a look at the person’s profile and pick out some points you have in common. Maybe you have mutual connections.

Did you find this person because you are looking for someone who offers the services they provide?

If one of your network is already connected to this person, why not ask for an introduction?

2. Using Messaging to build relationships

When you send a note with your invitation to connect, not only does the person know WHY you want to connect with them, but now you are in a conversation with that person.

Business works on LinkedIn by building on relationships.

If you connect to someone without sending a note, a few things happen:

  • they don’t know why you are connecting with them
  • you ‘disappear’ into their pool of connections – if they don’t know anything about you, next time you post something on LinkedIn, they are less likely to interact with your post
  • you are missing out on finding out more about this person via your one to one conversation.

I work with clients to build a genuine network. One full of people you want to connect with. Potential customers, clients or collaborations. People you find interesting and can build business relationships with.

If you are sending multiple connection requests every day without messaging, you are missing out on all of this opportunity.

3. Sharing a link to an article/blogpost or podcast your network may be interested in

If you come across a post or article on LinkedIn and think your connection may be interested in seeing it, you can send this via messenger.

Underneath the article/post on LinkedIn, click on the Send button.

If you click the Share button , thhis will share the post into your own newsfeed.

Add the name(s) of the people you want to send this to.

Always write a message to explain why you are sharing it – opening up your conversation again.

4. Delete or edit a LinkedIn Message

You can edit, delete or recall your messages if you made a mistake or send the message to the wrong person

On mobile or desktop, ‘hover’ over the message and this menu will pop up. Select delete to remove the message.

5. Inviting your connection to a video chat

LinkedIn have integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Blue Jeans.

You can now move directly from messaging on LinkedIn to invite your connection into a video chat.

Image courtesy of LinkedIn Official Blog

You can either set up an instant message or schedule one in advance:

Respond to messages quickly with emoji or AI generated messages

Inside your message inbox, click on the message. A pop up menu of emoji appears.

If you click on the three little dots, you can have the option to forward or share the message via email..

Bulk manage your messages on mobile app

Want to clean up your inbox? Archive or delete old messages?

Click on Manage Conversations

Select your conversations

You can bulk select and delete or archive. You can also mark messages as unread.

Reporting harrassment or spam on LinkedIn messaging

If LinkedIn believes a message may be spam or contain harrassing content, they will send you a warning.

 Flagged message content will show the following warning: This message may contain unwanted or harmful content.

You can report the message OR report it marked as safe content.

If you receive a message which is unwanted but doesn’t contain a flagged message, you can still report it. Click on the three little dots at the top right hand corner of the messaging window and click on Report. The message will automacially be moved into your spam folder.

You will be prompted with a series of questions about why you are reporting the message. Make sure you respond to all the prompts to complete the reporting process. You can still report a message after it has been deleted.

LinkedIn Messenger is making connecting and building relationships easier for its users. If you enjoyed this article, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and I would especially like it if you add a message to your invitation.