How to use LinkedIn Live for live streaming.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is the new live video streaming feature on LinkedIn. At the time of writing, this is through application only.

Have you noticed people streaming live on LinkedIn yet? There are different people in my network who are using it – some to interview others and some to speak directly to the camera.

How can you get access to LinkedIn Live?

Once you fill in the application form, it is a matter of wait and see if you get accepted. If you don’t succeed at first, try again! I applied four times before I was accepted.

Should you apply to stream as a LinkedIn company page or personal profile?

If you are accepted to livestream, you cannot jump between your company page and your profile. For a company, three admins on your page are allowed access to the live stream. For solo entrepreneurs, I would recommend applying under your personal profile.

How do you use LinkedIn Live for live streaming?

You need to use a third party application. I am using Streamyard for mine. I decided, upon advice from Ian Anderson Gray, live video guru to invest in the paid version of Streamyard as this give me the ability to record my live streams for repurposing.

I plan to upload the recordings to YouTube each week.

Using Streamyard for LinkedIn Live

Go to the Streamyard website and create your account. There is a free option available. You can connect to your social media accounts, YouTube channel or set up a custom link under ‘ Destinations’ on the left hand menu.

Select where you plan to go live. With the paid version of Streamyard, I am able to livestream onto two platforms at the same time.

e.g. streaming live on your Facebook business page and LinkedIn or streaming live onto LinkedIn and your YouTube channel.

Click on Create a Broadcast

Enter your title and description.

With Facebook, this shows up as a scheduled post for your followers. Nothing appears on your LinkedIn profile until you are live.

Click on Create Broadcast.

You are still not live – don’t worry.

using Streamyard for Livestream on LinkedIn

On the right hand side of your screen, you can add in ‘banners’ and adjust branding.

If you have questions you want to share with your live viewers, you can write these in the Banners section. Then simply click on the question to show on screen when you are live.

You will be able to see your viewers comments as they are made – again you can share these to your screen.

Top Tips for LinkedIn Live Video

livestream camera

LinkedIn Live suggests you stream for at least 10-15 minutes to get traction with your followers.

The maximum time you can stream live onto LinkedIn is 4 hours.

Encourage your viewers to interact and ask questions

Do not go live on LinkedIn more than once a day (as recommended by LinkedIn)

Don’t use LinkedIn live to promote or sell – use it to provide value to your audience

Let your audience know when you are going to go live – be consistent. I have chosen to go live on Friday lunchtimes. My audience are now expecting the livestream.

You are asked to avoid talking about how to use LinkedIn on your LinkedIn live video streams. So be creative.

When someone comments on your LinkedIn Live, after you have completed the livestream, go to your LinkedIn live video and respond to all the comments. This helps your video reach more people but more importantly, your audience appreciate the reply!

Ask your audience

What do your audience want to know about? I surveyed my LinkedIn network with a poll and 47% said they would like to know how to win more clients/business. So that is the focus of my show.

How to create interest in your LinkedIn Live

Let your audience know you are going to be live streaming and what the topic will be.

For example, I interviewed Amanda Webb of Spiderworking, about digital strategy. The lead up to our live conversation looked like this across a period of four/five days:

  • Post about the podcast with Amanda – 272 views
  • Video upload promoting the podcast and the upcoming LinkedIn Live – 259 views
  • Polling post asking the audience if they had a digital marketing strategy with a request to join us for the discussion on Friday
  • Livestream with Amanda at the scheduled time – 607 views and 34 comments.
livestreaming on LinkedIn

You could also email your email list to let them know you are going live, and share posts on your other social media platforms to invite your network to watch and interact with your livestream.

Push notifications when you go live on LinkedIn

Some of your network will be notified when you are live, but not all of them. For someone to be notified, they have to have ‘live video starting’ set to On in the Communications Tab of their notifications. This can be found when you click on Notifications

LinkedIn Video Analytics

You can find out who watched your video by clicking on the ‘views’ on the livestream post.

Check your analytics to see how long your audience are watching for, where they are from and keep track. Ideally your numbers will increase!

Have a look at what companies your audience are coming from – and what their job title is. Are you attracting the audience you want?

What are your next steps?

I know that I am in a great position to have access to LinkedLive in 2020 and many of my own network have applied and are waiting to be accepted. One tip I would give is that if you are applying for LinkedIn Live but aren’t currently sharing any uploaded videos, that would be the first place to start.

The interaction from the audience is really enjoyable – I am currently streaming live with guests rather than in solo episodes. This is partly because of the limits about speaking about LinkedIn on LinkedIn Live!

I would be delighted if you join me on my next Friday lunchtime LinkedIn Live – please do say hello and interact with me.

LinkedIn live is only part of my marketing on LinkedIn – and it fits in well with posts, articles, building my network and engaging with my audience both in the newsfeed and through LinkedIn messaging. If you would like help and support with building out this framework so that you can start to generate solid leads on LinkedIn, come and join us inside the LinkedIn Learners Lab

If you’d prefer to fast-track your LinkedIn, why not book a VIP session with me today. To find out more visit LinkedIn VIP Intensive – there are four spots available each month.

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