How to use LinkedIn live and LinkedIn video for your business

What is LinkedIn live? Does everyone have it? And what’s the difference between LinkedIn live and LinkedIn video? 

This week on the podcast, I talk about the importance of creating video content on LinkedIn. This can be done through LinkedIn live – LinkedIn’s live streaming service – or through LinkedIn videos that you can pre-record, edit, and upload onto the platform or record directly on your smartphone using the LinkedIn app.  

LinkedIn live is an application-only service that not all users currently have access to, so if you haven’t applied yet, in this episode I explain why you should and give you plenty of details on how to use the service via the third-party software StreamYard once LinkedIn grants you access. If you’re wondering whether you should apply through your LinkedIn company page or your personal profile, if you want to find out how to pull your viewers’ comments onto the screen so you can engage with them, or if you want to know exactly how to use your background, this is the perfect episode for you. 

You will learn…

  1. Why you should apply for LinkedIn live (more than once!) and how to fast-track the processing of your application. 
  2. How to use the paid version of StreamYard (third-party software) to go live on LinkedIn – plus, I share my best tips on how to plan and prepare for your LinkedIn live in advance. 
  3. Why it’s important to be consistent with your LinkedIn live content and how to encourage your audience to join in and watch. 
  4. How to find out what to talk about on your LinkedIn live sessions.  
  5. How to notify your network about you going live on LinkedIn and how/why you should check your analytics.  

Resources mentioned in the episode

StreamYard – third-party software that allows you to go live on LinkedIn. 

They Ask You Answer, by Marcus Sheridan – book. 

Using LinkedIn polls to survey your audience – see What type of questions would you like to see/hear on LinkedIn live? 

Headliner – app for adding subtitles/captions to your videos. 

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