How to use LinkedIn for thought leadership, with Rhonda Peterson

How can you use LinkedIn to build thought leadership, even if you work in a highly-regulated industry?

This week on the podcast, I interview my good friend Rhonda Peterson. Rhonda is a Coach for financial professionals, a speaker, and a workshop facilitator. She guides financial services executives, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders to lean into their strengths and energy to increase their ROI, both professionally and personally.


While Rhonda can see that more and more people in the financial space are using LinkedIn, she finds that those who work in a highly-regulated industry seem to struggle to hit the right balance between using the platform to build relationships and remaining compliant with their employer’s regulations. However, raising your profile on LinkedIn doesn’t need to be causing any issues to your employer or your industry. Establishing yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn is possible, even if you work in a highly-regulated industry.


In this episode, Rhonda and I discuss a couple of examples from our networks, and Rhonda shares how she’s using LinkedIn to grow her career as a speaker. If you want to find out how you too can become a thought leader on LinkedIn, make sure you tune in!

You will learn…

  1. Why you should be using LinkedIn to reach out to your connections and ask for relevant introductions.
  2. The exact steps you can take to build your thought leadership on LinkedIn, regardless of the industry you work in. 
  3. How you can use LinkedIn to get more work. 

About Rhonda

If you’d like to connect with Rhonda, you can find her on LinkedIn or on her website. And if you connect with her on LinkedIn, don’t forget to send Rhonda a personalised message and let her know you’ve listened to her interview on this podcast. 

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