How to Use LinkedIn ‘Find Nearby’ at live events

how to use Find Nearby at live events on LinkedIn

How many in-person events will you attend this year? I will probably attend 15-20 at least, with my Chamber of Commerce events, conferences and local networking groups.

Say you attend a monthly networking event, and maybe 4-5 larger events such as workshops or conferences a year. If your networking event regularly has around 30/40 people and a conference has between 100 and 300 people in attendance, how do you choose who to connect with? How do you know if someone from your business community is at the same event?

Step in LinkedIn. How can you Use LinkedIn to help you grow your network when you are at an in-person event?

Use the Find Nearby functionality.

To use Find Nearby, you need to be using your LinkedIn App on your mobile device.

Open your LinkedIn App, and select the icon for adding new people to your network

find nearby
Find Nearby on LinkedIn mobile app

At the top of your screen, you will see Find Nearby. Click on this and open it up.

find nearby switch

Change your settings for ‘Share my nearby status’ to On.

Now other people at the event will start to show up below.

This includes people you are already connected to, as well as people at the same event who are not yet in your LinkedIn network.

Share your status

You will see two options above – one looks like a conversation or messaging app – this will be show up for people who are ALREADY in your network and are at the same event (or nearby). The other is for people at the event who are not yet in your network, and by clicking on the add sign, you will add them straight away.

Tip: usually when I connect with someone I prefer to add a note to my connection request. If you use the Find Nearby option to add someone, you will bypass this option. If you are an organised person, why not screenshot these names and add them later with a personalised invitation.

How to use Find Nearby on Linkedin

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