How to start your blog on WordPress

One of the main building blocks for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their online presence is to have a blog.  In this article, I am going to show you how to quickly and easily start up your own blog.

Before I show you how to start your own blog on WordPress, let’s look at the main reasons why you should consider blogging.

  • Having a blog for your business gives you the opportunity to reach MILLIONS of people and potential customers.
  • Writing regularly on your blog shows you are an expert in your field
  • A blog gives you content to share on all your social media channels
  • Your blog is one of the main places where you can invite people to sign up for your email list

So how do we get started?

First up, you need a host for your blog.  My preferred host is Siteground. I am going to walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get your blog started.

Step 1.  Go to Siteground and choose your hosting plan

step 1 start your blog

I suggest you start with the Start Up plan initially.   For an extra £12.95 plus VAT they will also register your domain name.  Your domain name or URL is your website address.  For this website, my domain name is

You will pay for your domain name every year.   Your website hosting is also charged each year.  You can pay monthly or you can pay it in one lump sum.

Don’t overcomplicate things, and don’t overspend if you don’t need to!

Step 2.  Choose your website name

Ok – take your time on this one – you don’t want to make a mistake!  What is your business about?   Do you have an existing business name?  My website name was an easy choice as it is the same as my business name.

A common choice now is to use your own name if you are a solo entrepreneur – this works well if you are a coach in health/fitness or business coaching for example.  I also have the domain name which is where my membership site is hosted.

Top tips for choosing your domain name

  • Make it simple
  • No numbers, dashes, dots…    don’t try to be clever.
  • Use a name.  Don’t overthink if you want or .com. is the simplest choice.

Step 3.  Fill in your purchase details

how to start your wordpress site




You can choose to pay for one year or more. I suggest you start with one year – if your budget is tight right now, one year is enough.  After this, you can choose more.

**Sitegroundwill offer you a one-month trial option- if you are really unsure, choose this option and then you can upgrade after your month.  SImply click on the drop-down arrow under the Period section.  This will give you a bill of approx £32 to start your blog with.   Definitely worth your investment to try it out…

Step 4.  Confirm your purchase

pay for your wordpress site








Step 5 – get a Secure Socket Layer

What is SSL?  A Secure Socket Layer is a layer of security that protects people who want to buy securely online.   Having SSL means your website becomes https;//  rather than HTTP – the ‘S’ shows people they can safely enter information onto any form on your website.  Siteground give you a FREE SSL with your hosting.

having SSL on your wordpressblog












Step 6 – Install WordPress 

To install WordPress using the SiteGround Wizard, first access your Customer Area. After you signup for the Start-Up package, you will receive all the necessary information you need to log in.

Once you login to your Customer Area for the first time, you will see a pop-up asking you if you want to Start a new website on your account. Select that option and click on the WordPress button.

start your blog












Top Tip – don’t use Admin as your login username – this will encourage spammers to your website!

Congratulations, you have installed your own WordPress Website and are ready to start blogging!

If you would like a three-part video series on how to start blogging,  and why you should be blogging,  sign up here for your free training.