6 ways to optimise your Company Page on LinkedIn

Does your company page on LinkedIn highlight what your products and services are?

Are you making the most of LinkedIn for your business?

Are you attracting the right level of clients and employees by your LinkedIn activity?

If the answer to all of these is ‘yes’, then Congratulations!

If you are scratching your head and think you might be able to do better, then maybe it is time to conduct an audit of how your company is currently using LinkedIn.

How to conduct a LinkedIn Audit of your Company Page

Let’s start with your Company Page. If you don’t have a Company Page, then there is your first ‘thing to do’.

Here’s what you want to make sure you have in place on your LinkedIn company page:

  • Upload a cover image that reflects your company
  • Add your company tag line – e.g. on Asana, the tagline is ‘On a mission to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly’
  • Add your 300 x 300 pixel logo
  • Include your website and contact details
  • Write an About section that showcases what your company does
  • Invite your employees to list the company in their Experience Section

Check your page insights

How many people follow your page? How many new followers have you gained? How many people are being presented with your posts?

Keep a record of how your page is performing, and if the numbers start to increase in line with more engagement on your posts, you know you are on the right track.

For some organisations, clients will reach out to find out about your products and services without ever commenting on your page posts. This is a very common scenario on LinkedIn.

Your job is to make sure if someone is looking for your products/services, your LinkedIn Company Page reflects that and leads to inquiries. One good indicator is an increase in the number of ‘Custom button clicks’.

Check your post analytics

Each post will have its own analytics. You can check on an individual post by clicking on Show Stats at the bottom of each post.

What is the difference between impressions and views?

Impressions are the number of times your post appears in the newsfeed of someone on the LinkedIn platform. This does not mean someone has interacted or engaged with your post, simply that it has been served up to them on screen.

Check your Visitor Demographics

Under Analytics drop-down menu, click on Visitors and have a look at who is following your page. Do they fit your ideal client profile?

Are your employees linked to your Company Page?

One of your best strategies for promoting your organisation on LinkedIn, is leveraging your employees. Invite your team to link to the Company Page on their personal Experience section of their profiles.

company page on LinkedIn

Create a strategy for your company to encourage your team members to share the Company Page content to their own personal networks.

Hashtags on the LinkedIn Company Page

Check you are following three relevant hashtags for your Company Page. This allows you to comment on posts using those hashtags, as your company page.

To find the hashtags you are following as a Company, go to the right hand side column and view this underneath the ‘invites to follow’ section.

Click on the hashtag in your list of three. The posts using that hashtag will appear in your newsfeed. When you comment, you will be commenting as your page, not as your personal profile:

Quick Tips

  • Create a LinkedIn company page hashtag eg. #LinkingInWithLouise
  • Invite your page followers to follow your hashtag
  • When you connect with someone on your personal profile, invite them to follow your page

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