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How to monetise your YouTube Channel with Jess Dante of Love and London – Social Bee Podcast Ep 92

Jess Dante, monetise your YouTube Channel

Best tips for creating video content on YouTube and to monetise your brand presence on social media. 

Have you ever wondered how a popular YouTube channel can turn into a successful business? 

Would you like to create video content for your business but feel you don’t know where to start?

In this week’s episode, I interview Jessica Dante, who I met at Janet Murray’s event ‘Build Your Audience Live’. (You can listen to my review of the event in next week’s episode.)

Jessica Dante is the founder of Love and London – a resource that helps people who are visiting London. Jessica started her business 4 years ago, after moving to London from New York and initially working in social media for a travel company. Love and London started out as a YouTube channel where Jessica would share helpful videos about places to visit in London. Today, Jessica’s channel has over 100,000 subscribers and has evolved into a very successful business. Jessica’s main income comes from the online travel guide and the holiday photography service she sells, but in this episode, Jessica also shares the various ways in which she’s been able to monetise her YouTube channel. If you’re thinking about using video to grow your increase your social media presence and grow your business, tune in and listen to the top tips Jessica has to share.

You will learn…

  1. Why starting with video sooner rather than later is the best way forward.
  2. Why you should ‘ramp up your energy’ when creating video and how you can get better at doing that if it isn’t something that comes natural to you.  
  3. What the benefits of batching and planning your video content are.

And much much more! 

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Episode 93 – Live events for entrepreneurs – my review of Build Your Audience Live, by Janet Murray.

More about Jessica

Jessica’s website – Love and London.

Jessica’s YouTube channel

Jessica on LinkedIn

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