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How to increase your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

What is your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn, and how can you increase it?

how to increase your SSI on LinkedIn

Before we get started – I want to let you know that I am starting my next LinkedIn group coaching programme.   This is my six week programme with weekly training videos and a live group call for members.   

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In the past, clients who participated said:

I recently took part in Louise’s ‘Level up your LinkedIn’ group coaching programme which I thoroughly enjoyed. Louise has a vast knowledge of LinkedIn but is able to explain it in a way that makes it easy to understand. The ‘Level up your LinkedIn’ programme has helped me to be more strategic with my approach on LinkedIn and given me tips on how to grow my network with the right connections and to be more efficient on LinkedIn. If you are looking to take your LinkedIn to the next level, then I highly recommend Louise’s programme. Thank you Louise for sharing your knowledge in such an easy to understand manner.

Sam McFarlane, Social Media Manager, Australia

I am now enrolling for this programme – come and visit for more information and to sign up.

Your Social Selling Index – what is this, and how is it measured?

Your Social Selling Index (SSI) measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. It is updated daily.

The SSI is a measurement taken by LinkedIn.

You can access it at and log in to your own account.

The SSI is a number marked out of 100 and is broken down into four sections.

Establishing your personal professional brand. 

81% of buyers will buy from a strong professional brand and over 90% of LinkedIn members will engage with sales professionals who have established a strong brand.

How do you establish your brand?   

  • Start creating posts and articles that show your thought leadership.   Consider uploading slideshares to your profile.  
  • Check out the new Featured media section in your profile. This is perfect for linking to articles, external websites, speaker reels and more.

I recently worked with a client who has written articles and spoken at events around the world. She was able to add these to her Featured section and really highlight her expertise.  

Write longer posts that engage with your industry and network.   Make them relevant to your career or business! 

Getting endorsements from your network helps with this section too – when you endorse others in your network, you might find they reciprocate with you.

Find the right people.

This can be tricky if you don’t pay for LinkedIn premium.  

Use the search box at the top to search for people who are relevant to you.   Connect with 2nd level connections to your own network.  

When you click on the search box, a white pop up box will appear and allows you to refine your search by the following”

  • People
  • Jobs
  • Content 
  • Companies
  • Schools 
  • Groups

Connect with people you have something in common with.  Maybe you are in the same Groups.  Maybe you went to the same university.  Maybe you work in the same industry! 

Take advantage of who has viewed your profile. Reach out to them.  This is much handier when you have LinkedIn premium.  Linkedin premium will tell you who has looked at your profile over the last 90 days.   

If someone has been looking at your profile, and you think they may be interested in your business, reach out and connect with them.

You can do the same across so many different industries.  But if you are not connecting, and not posting your own content, you are under utilising the whole platform. 

Engage with Insights.

To increase this number they recommend you share valuable content with your network and tag those you think would be interested in the content.  

Comment on your networks posts.  Don’t just click the like button – write something that continues the conversation – and shows your own knowledge or interest in the subject.  

Increase your own posting frequency. 

 I recommend you post daily on LinkedIn if you can.  If this is your only social media platform for winning business, take it seriously! 

Be strategic with what you share – simply sharing anecdotes or funny videos will not bring you business.   We are looking for conversation starting posts.  

Also if there is someone in your network who has a crossover of client type with you – by commenting on their posts, you are raising your own profile in front of their audience.  This will lead to more people checking out your profile and connecting.

Build relationships

hand reaching out

Connect and establish trust with decision makesrs.

According to LinkedIn, there are over 5 people involved in making decisions about business so focus on building relationships with more senior level executives (if you are working in the B2B sector)

Nurture those relationships – reach out either in the newsfeed, tagging your contacts when relevant or by messaging them to keep in touch. 

LinkedIn use SSI to encourage you to try their premium sales account – the Sales Navigator.   You don’t need to use sales navigator though to build a good network around you.  In this blog/podcast I talk about how you can build relationships with your connections on LinkedIn –

I would love to hear what your SSI is. When we ran my LinkedIn 5 Day Challenge recently, every member measured their SSI at the start of the week, and again at the end. While most people raised they SSI by one or two points, a few raised theirs by almost 10 points.

If you would like to know more about increasing your reach and growing your business on LinkedIn, why not book a discovery call with me today.

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Thanks for this information, Louise. My SSI is currently 43%. Will definitely work on increasing it with the tips you’ve given.

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