How to increase followers to your LinkedIn Company Page

How do you get more followers for your LinkedIn Company page? Here are five ways that can increase your followers.

#1. Invite your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page

If you are an Super or Content Admin user on your Company Page, you can simply invite your connections to follow the page.

Each page can invite up to 100* of their network to follow the page every month.

*Some page admins, including me, have been upgraded to be able to invite 250 connections to follow each of their pages every month.

Each month your invitation credits will refill to 100 (or 250 depending on your account).

How to invite your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Navigate to your LinkedIn Company Page
  2. View as Admin
  3. Click on the Admin Tools menu on the right hand side
  4. Select Invite Connections
followers on your LinkedIn Company Page

You can select members by scrolling down through the list of names and selecting the box to the left of their name:

Once selected, the contacts will appearon the left hand column. You can unselect individually by clicking on the X, or ‘Unselect all’.

You can also filter the contacts by the following:

  • Location
  • Current Company
  • Schools (university they attended)
  • Industry

Once your contacts are selected, you invite them by clicking on the blue button at the bottom right hand side

LinkedIn will confirm the invites have been sent. You do not have the option to personalise the invite, or to add a note to say why this person might benefit from following your page unfortunately.

Once you sent the invites, you are encouraged to write a post on your page.

LinkedIn Company Page Followers

How to get more credits for Page Invites

The good news – when someone accepts your invitation to follow your page, LinkedIn will give you a new credit.

As LinkedIn refills the credits on the 1st of each month, the tip is to use all your credits at the start of each month. As people accept your invitation to follow the page, you will have longer to use the new credits.

What happens if someone rejects your invite?

If you invite a connection to follow the page and they reject the invitation, you do not get a refill credit. Don’t worry, you don’t get a black mark. However, LinkedIn do suggest you only invite connections you think would be interested in your Company Page Content.

Can you withdraw an invite?

Yes you can. If you have invited connections to follow your page and want to reverse the invitation you can.

Navigate to My Network at the top of your page and select Manage on the right hand side:

On the Manage Invitations screen, choose the ‘Sent’ option

On the Sent screen, there are three options – invitations you have sent to People, Pages and for Events. Choose the Pages option.

Click on the Withdraw option at the right hand side.

LinkedIn Company Page Followers

#2. Add a LinkedIn Company Page button to your website

Microsoft, who own LinkedIn, have created a button that you can add to your website.

Go to

You will need your Company Page ‘id’ number.

You can find this by going to the Admin view of your page.

At the top of the screen, in the URL, you will see a number – this is your Page ID:

followers on your LinkedIn Company Page

Use this number in the code that Microsoft provides.

This is quite a technical way to add a follow button to your website.

Ask your web developer if they can use a more user friendly ‘widget’ to add the follow button.

#3 Ask your employees to add the Company Page to their personal profiles

Employees of your company can add the company page to their own personal profiles, in the Experience Section.

Fast forward this section to 2.12 minutes to see where the employee can add the Company Page to their profile using a drop down menu

Increase your LinkedIn company page followers by simply inviting your network to check out your Company Page in your email signature.

#5 Post great content on your Company Page

The best and most successful way to get more followers on your LinkedIn Company Page is to deliver content that people want to read or watch.

Create consistently good content that helps your reader – entertains them, teaches them something or invites them to join a conversation.

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