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How to grow your Instagram account

Instagram is growing at a rapid rate for businesses and entrepreneurs this year.  When entrepreneurs join my free Facebook group, one of their frequent questions is how can they grow their Instagram account.

With the rise of visual marketing,  people love Instagram because of its simplicity.   Scrolling through the images that attract you – whether its positive quotes,  beautiful scenery,  cookery shows – the eye connects with the images 16,000 times faster than words.  Not to mention Insta Stories – those little vertical snapshots of someone’s life that hangs around for only 24 hours.

So how can you use Instagram to grow your visibility online?

This week, I asked my audience to share their top tips and here they are:


I love interacting with people on IG, it helps me build trust and reliability. I also try not to spend too much time on it! It’s too easy to be scroll happy & not being strategic with time x


I had a theme of 9 posts that I put out altogether in one day (spread in 5 mins increments) which people seemed to like and still gets likes and follows. Also an event I went to, I posted pictures, the event hashtag and tagged the speakers, also generated a lot of follows and then of course interacted and commented on those new follows and comments.


Actually speaking to people! Fx


The more personal, real posts seem to do best (but you can overload on those too – need to mix it up!). Also definitely being sociable and finding other accounts I like – makes Instagram much more enjoyable! 💛


Hashtags that are more niche than too big. Getting behind a photo challenge month- that got me lots of new followers. March Meet the Makers is a good one for creative businesses.
Interaction and comments/questions are vital.


I agree with all the above but also hashtag on your comment not your story!

  • ruthkudzi

    Engage with the right people.. and engage it’s social ❤️


  • suzchadwick

    Personal content that helps, educates, entertains or inspires my followers.


  • suzchadwick

    Engage with others!


  • thefmovement

    Network and make real connections!! 😍


    Spend more time on other people’s walls than on your own. Like, comment, interact, follow and support


    I don’t follow a specific strategy. But I try to interact as much as I can. It’s not just about posting. It’s a community and the more you comment the more people will come and check out your own account.

There is an overall common theme here and that is to engage with other accounts. I spent about 20 minutes a day on Instagram, leaving comments with others,  and posting my own updates.   I do know that some Instagram experts will say to spend upwards of an hour or two on Insta each day to grow your account,  but if you are like me, you don’t have an hour a day to spend on one social media platform when you have a business to run!

I have created a download with my top 13 tips to help you get to your first genuine 500 followers – I’d love you to grab a copy and then come over to Instagram, and let me know how you get on.

how to grow your instagram account

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