How to get over the FEAR of posting on LinkedIn

scared to post on linkedin

Do you have a LinkedIn profile that is looking a bit sad? When was the last time you posted an update on LinkedIn? Have you EVER posted an update?

Don’t worry – if you can’t answer the above with a positive response, you are not alone.

I run a lot of in-person training events in N.Ireland which gives me great opportunities to talk to people about why they aren’t using LinkedIn, or why they haven’t really got into LinkedIn yet. And there’s lots of different reasons:


now hiring?

One of the reasons is people have been put off LinkedIn is because they are getting contacted by recruiters all the time.

I have been speaking to people who have been in a company for 10 years and are very happy in their role. Possibly they’re in the senior management of that company, no inclination to move whatsoever, and are getting contacted by recruitment agencies all the time.

LinkedIn is not your online resume/CV. It is a brilliant networking site where you can connect with your colleagues, ideal clients and customers. You will of course find recruiters on there too!

The boss says you need to start using LinkedIn.

Has your boss or manager said you need to get on board and start using LinkedIn?

Some attendees along to my workshops under duress. That was certainly true of at least three of the people at my most recent workshop.

They were kind of reluctant. They’ve been told that they really need to go and learn how to use LinkedIn. I always check in with my students at the end and see if I won them over. I ask if they are going to give it a go? And the answer so far has been yes.

Understanding the value of building a great network on LinkedIn soon changes someones mind. Spending time on something that leads to results works.

Fear of looking stupid

A lot of people create their LinkedIn profile and that’s the end of their activity. They think “I’m not going to put anything on there for fear of looking stupid”.

Maybe you don’t know what to say. You don’t know how you’re going to come across. You are literally looking at the screen and are completely frozen because you don’t know you are supposed to write about.

When I work with someone, part of the work is figuring out what content you can share that will help your network or show your expertise. Remember you are using LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, or possibly collaborators. You are not using it to come under fire from others in your industry!

For help with writing articles on LinkedIn, check this article out –

Do you simply click Like?

Some people, rather than do nothing, will share other people’s articles.

What I’ve seen most of all is people who go on to LinkedIn, scroll through the feed and click like, like, like, like on other people’s posts.

The issue here is that you are not raising your own visibility. If you leave a comment, other people will see your profile. But when you only click on the Like button, the only person seeing your name and headline, is the person who wrote the post you are ‘liking’.

I posted on LinkedIn to ask other people what they thought about this:

So this week, I’m recording a podcast to help people with their fears
of posting on LinkedIn. I’d love to hear from you if this resonates, or if you used to have a fear of posting, but you’ve got over it. And maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about. Let’s discuss.

When I first wrote this post, I realised that the people that I really wanted to hear from are too scared to post anything on LinkedIn, and therefore they wouldn’t actually respond to my question. And that’s why I was talking to the people in the workshops like this as well. I’m getting their feedback on it.

Aaron Watson, a telephone on-hold marketing, voiceover audio branding media professional:

I was terrified, I wouldn’t come across as professional, worried I’d lose existing clients. I was encouraged just to be me and to do it took me months to take the leap I just watched for a long time.

Aaron Watson

Who are you trying to reach on LinkedIn?

You’re not writing your posts for the people who are your peers. If you are a lawyer or solicitor, you’re not writing your post for your fellow solicitors. You’re writing your posts for your potential clients.

So don’t worry if your writing doesn’t sound highbrow enough. You’re not writing it for those people. You’re writing for somebody who doesn’t really understand anything about how the law works.

Stop worrying about what your colleagues and peers think about what you are saying on there. If you’re on LinkedIn to win clients, and to win customers over or to connect with customers, that is who you should be thinking about when you are writing your posts or making your video.

I agree with the previous comments, you just have to take the leap. I definitely become more confident every time I post.

Andrew Shepard, Regional Sales Manager at

And this is the thing a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step once you start posting and you realise that the walls won’t crumble down around you.

And maybe one of your network comments.

Once you get more into it, you develop a strategy around how you’re going to post on LinkedIn.

And that’s something that I can help you with.

  • What do you actually want to write about?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What are you trying to say?

Why not write out a list of bullet points of the things that you can talk about on LinkedIn. And plan all of it in advance, so you’re prepared as well.

I used to have the LinkedIn fear and I saw more truly on here than any other platform. I don’t really see it anymore. I think I went on a massive unfollow cull

Alex Curtis, the Lead Engine Podcast

Clean Up your Network

If you’ve been on the platform for seven or eight years, there’s lots of people in your network who you connected with seven or eight years ago, who don’t really have anything in common with anymore. They may not live in the same area as you, they may not work in the same area as you, or have no possibility of becoming a client or collaborator with you. And you’ve got nothing in common with them anymore. Feel free to remove the connection or just to unfollow them.

And I think that’s what Alex has done. He’s really just cleaned up his network, and therefore finds a more enjoyable place. That’s exactly why I teach people to build a genuine network and of people that you actually want to connect with on LinkedIn. It makes you want to spend more time on here.

I really struggled at the start what to post because LinkedIn has a totally different tone of voice to Facebook for Example. But as you advise Louise it’s always about posting content, which is valuable to others.

Alison Matthews, VirtualAli

People worry about thinking you have to be super professional on LinkedIn. Understand what kind of content and what kind of posts work on the different social media platforms that help you to really make your mark and get your presence on the platforms.

All of us have some kind of knowledge in our line of work others would find useful. And if you start thinking along those lines, you should always be able to come up with some suitable LinkedIn posts.

I am new on LinkedIn and my fear is that I will not follow the correct LinkedIn etiquette. It’s sort of like visiting a new country without knowing the culture. Like I make eye contact with it’s considered rude or whatever the comparable thing would be on LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Cook, Cook Communications

I have an article called LinkedIn etiquette, how to behave on LinkedIn. When you reach out to connect with somebody send them a personalised message to explain why you’re connecting with them. If that still leaves you with a little bit of fear, start by commenting on other people’s posts.

It’s all comes down to strategy. What is your strategy? Why are you on this platform? Why are you connecting with people? Why are you writing posts?

Your audience might not be on LinkedIn, it might be elsewhere.

Where do you want to spend time to grow your business?

Focus on your own journey and your own route and, and build your thought leadership that way.

And think, am you serving your clients?

If you need help and support with getting started, I offer one to one strategy sessions to help you with understanding how you can use LInkedIn to grow your business.

Get in touch to book your strategy session.

We’ll look at what your business is, who your clients are, who’s your target market, what could you be sharing on LinkedIn, that will bring those people to you to connect with you to want to work with you.

And I’d be delighted to help you with that.

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