How to edit your LinkedIn personal profile URL

Did you know you can shorten your LinkedIn profile URL?

Instead of, I have

Much neater! And easier to remember.

Who uses their LInkedIn profile URL and where do you put it?

Once you have a neat personal profile URL, you can add it to your website, your email signature and even your other social media accounts.

The most useful thing I find, is when I am a guest on someone elses podcast or video show, and they ask me how people can connect. Now I simply give the personal profile URL.

Here’s how to edit yours

  • Go to your Personal Profile
  • Click on the Contact Info button
  • A new screen opens up – the top link is your profile URL. Click on the pencil to the top right. Another screen opens up and at the top you can see the URL and a little pen to edit it.
  • Remove the string of numbers and letters after your name and click save.

If you have a popular name e.g. Chuck Taylor or John Smith, the chances are, this name is already taken. You can edit your URL to include your middle name, or initial. Maybe you want to add in a third word e.g. LouiseBroganCoach

Here’s how to edit on mobile: