How to do live video with confidence with Ian Anderson Gray – Social Bee Podcast Episode 91

Live video with Ian Anderson Gray - Social Bee Podcast

Do you want to use live video for your business but are worried about how you might come across? 

Or perhaps you’re feeling unsure about the content you should create or the technology involved with live video?

In this week’s episode, I interview Ian Anderson Gray. With a background in singing and performing and a passion for all things technology, Ian helps entrepreneurs level up their impact, authority and profits by using live video confidently.

Ian helps his clients with confidence in three main areas –

  • speaking in front of the camera,
  • content,
  • the tech required for live video.

In our interview, Ian shares his 5 Ps’ to live video – plan, pre-promote, produce, post-promote, and re-purpose. And finally, as an early adopter of LinkedIn live video, Ian also shares his thoughts, experience, and learnings from using this new functionality (including his recommendation for the best third-party tool to use). 

You will learn…

  1. Why being nervous before doing a live video is not only natural but something you should embrace (did you know that people who appear confident in front of the camera are often very nervous?).  
  2. How to structure a live video while handling comments and questions to encourage interaction and engagement with your content (without getting distracted and side-tracked). 
  3. Why and how you should turn your live videos into pieces of evergreen content (and why it’s important to answer every single comment or question on your videos). 

More about Ian

You can find Ian on his website and on LinkedIn. If you have a question about live video, you can email Ian at

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