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How to create content for your social media consistently

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If you are building a business online,  you need to consistently create content to share with your audience.


  1. Creating your own content raises your profile –  you will have something to share with your audience on your own social media platforms
  2. Creating your own content shows you know your subject matter – help your audience to see that you know what you are talking about
  3. It brings website traffic – if someone is typing into a search engine about your subject – you are more likely to appear in the results if you are creating content about the subject!

Content can take many – this blog post is a form of content.  You can also create videos,  record podcasts,  create images and much more.   The main rule of thumb, is to try and create a new piece of content for your audience once a week.

The problem is if we are all busy working in our businesses, when do we find time to create the content?

I know from experience, that when I focus on creating content consistently,  the following happens:

  • I have content to share with my audience on social media
  • I have something to share with my email audience
  • I can repurpose that content onto other platforms e.g. blog posts shared on LinkedIn publishing
  • I find new audiences – or they find me!

So how do you work out what to create your content on?

Find out what your ideal customer or client is struggling with.  You can do this by a)  asking them

b) listening to what they are saying – in person and online

c) running polls on your social media**


** Facebook pages are a great place to create a poll using the status update option ‘poll’  – they can run for seven days – another place is in your Instagram Stories**


Once you have a list of ten or more frequently asked questions from your ideal clients, you have an idea of what to create your content on.

You can then either write blog posts answering those questions or if you are not into writing, you could make a video or record a podcast answering questions.

What not to do

Do not answer all your client’s questions by creating long-form posts on your social media only.  


If you build your online business on a platform such as Instagram or Facebook, you are at the mercy of those platforms deciding who will see your content.

Did you know that less than 5% of your organic audience on Facebook will see any of your posts?  Unless you are getting comments and engagement on each post, which then means Facebook may share your post to more of your audience

It is much better to write your content on your own website, and then create links to that content to share on your social media platforms.

For example -once this blog post is completed, I will create images in Canva to share on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.   I will then be able to share this blog post over and over again.  My aim is that my audience are going to leave their social media accounts and come to my website in order to read it.

I  use a website such as Lumen5 to turn the blog post into a video to share on my social accounts.

I can also use the content to create a recording for both YouTube and my podcast.

So how do you create this consistently?

Inside my Social Bee Academy,  I have recommended to my members that they start their day with 20 minutes of writing.   Which is why I am sitting here typing at 6.30am.    How do you build a business online?   One day at a time!

Creating a habit takes 30 days.  If you can sit down for 20 minutes a day to write, create content or plan out your content every day for a month, it will become part of your routine.    Being kept accountable for those daily 20 minutes is tough!   You can use a calendar sheet printed off and tick each day off as you go,   get a buddy to keep you accountable, or join a team – a mastermind or membership and check in every day to say you have created for 20 minutes.

To help keep you on track, I have created a free content challenge calendar to print out and keep you accountable



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Just listened to your podcast…great idea to generate content…..just starying out in budiness so this will give me a solid direction to go in.

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