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How to create an image using Canva


Do you wonder how other people make those cool little images that seem to fit PERFECTLY into the social media post they have written?   Well, one of my favourite,  and possibly daily-used tool, on the internet, is Canva.   You find it at

I use Canva to create images to go along with my blog posts, to create Facebook and Instagram images,  Pinterest Pins and YouTube thumbnails.

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How to create an image using Canva

Create your free account – then click on Create Design.

You have a list of options on the right hand side, from Facebook post to A4 file.

Click on the plus sign over at the far right, you will be given a lot more options including Pinterest friendly graphics and twitter image sizes.

create a design in Canva

You can choose free images from Canva themselves, or you can upload your own.

There are lots of excellent images in Canva to get you started.  If you pick ‘Facebook Post’ as your design type,  then the left hand menu will automatically appear with free or paid image options.

free image options on Canva

Choose free images

Select your free image (one with FREE in the right hand bottom corner of the image) and it will fill your post like this:

Facebook post layout canva

Now you can edit all the sections of that image.  If you click on the text, you can put in your own text.  You can change the colour scheme to fit your own.

edit the text on Canva image

Add a layer of text over your image and change the colour with the colour picker.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Picking colours and fonts for your brand on Canva – keep to your brand ideals” quote=”To keep to your brand identity, choose your brand colours and fonts and stick to them all over your blog and social media. ” theme=”style1″]

Save your images as PNG file.  You can now download it or share to social media directly.

Canva will store the images for you and next time you login to your account, your designs will appear.

Top Tip – batch your work

Try making a whole week’s worth of post images at a time to save yourself time.   The free account will allow you to save three colours for your brand.




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