How to create a memorable personal brand on LinkedIn, with Nicole Osborne – Linking in with Louise Podcast

Do you feel brave enough to show your personality on social media? Are you absolutely clear on what you stand for and what sets you apart from the competition? And do you use storytelling as a tool to build trust in your marketing?

Who’s on the podcast?

This week on the podcast, I interview chartered marketer Nicole Osborne. Nicole is a social media trainer, a personal branding coach, a marketing consultant and a speaker. She works with ambitious founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners to help them grow their audience and
improve their marketing results.

In this episode, Nicole shares the story of how she moved from East Germany to the UK 25 years ago and how, after years in the corporate world, she decided to start her own business – Lollipop Social.

As a fellow social media trainer and speaker, Nicole and I have met in person at various events, but I was pleased to be able to dig deeper during this interview and learn more about how Nicole prepares her engaging talks, where she includes stories that add value, give the audience a great
experience, and make her personal brand memorable.

You will learn…

  • About the pros and cons of using a business name vs using your own name when you start your own business.
  • Why it’s important to know what works on specific social media platforms, but, at the same time, how some key principles about personal branding and storytelling apply across all social media channels.
  • Why you should always consider replying to comments on LinkedIn (and other social media platforms).

About Nicole
If you’d like to connect with Nicole, you can find her on YouTube or Instagram.

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Following our podcast release, Nicole and I caught up on LinkedIn Live to chat more about personal branding

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2 replies on “How to create a memorable personal brand on LinkedIn, with Nicole Osborne – Linking in with Louise Podcast”

Hey Louise thank you so much for interviewing me. I can’t wait for our Live Interview. You’ve such a lovely way of making your guests feel at ease and jointly offering lots of value to your audience! Do you think Martin’s and Lyndsay’s ears were burning 🙂 It’s brilliant you and I met via Make Your Mark Online and the Youpreneur communities. Love it that we both are Atomic members too – SWEET! Anyone who has any personal branding question, do connect with me @Lollipop_Social on Insta. Always happy to help!

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