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How do Hashtag Hours help my business?

If you use Twitter for your business, you should be using Hashtags by now.   The hashtag is a way for you to connect up with others talking about the same subject as you.  For example,  #GBBO is the hashtag for fans of the Great British Bake Off to use during the show every week.  If you are a fan of the show and want to talk about Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood (!) on Twitter, then you can join with like-minded folks using #GBBO in your tweets.

How does this work for business?   Well there have been many ‘business hours’ across the UK and Ireland  and the latest one to launch is the #BelfastHour.   This runs every Thursday evening from 9pm to 10pm.   It is hosted by a local law firm, Edwards & Co.  The purpose is to get local businesses interacting, communicating, and hopefully, through networking and a soft-sell approach, working together.   

Sean Kelly, the Finance Manager for Edwards & Co said in a recent article on the InterTrade Ireland site:  

“It’s the perfect way for Belfast SMEs to practice their social media skills and encourage online networking and connecting. It had come to our attention that there was no forum for entrepreneurs or businesses to connect online in the main Belfast area. Being a small business owner can be an isolating place and it is essential to have support of like-minded people in your network.

“Social media is such an important method of getting your message across to customers, and Twitter is the most popular with the demographic of 35 – 55 year olds. It allows for key connections to be made and opens up opportunities for many small businesses and entrepreneurs that don’t have time to go to events or conferences, to network and get valuable insight into how similar enterprises are doing.”

So this Thursday, grab a cup of tea and your laptop, logon to Twitter and start tweeting!   Remember, use #BelfastHour in your tweets to join in…   see you there!

Louise x

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