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I have always loved Lionel Richie (in fact when we took my mum to New York for her 60th birthday, he was sitting in the row in front of us for the Lion King – fun fact). And now I get to include him in my blog. So what is this all about?

Many of you will know that I run a monthly membership site, the Social Bee Academy. Inside the membership, I help my members to get clear on what they are doing, who they are serving, what they are selling and how to market that online.

We have monthly group calls, a Facebook community where you can ask pretty much anything, and every month I add new content to the Academy.

This month however, as often happens when you are building a business, I have realised I have neglected something that I teach my own clients.

I have been attracting too many different kinds of customers. Rather than niching down to work with service based entrepreneurs, I have had members who are selling products in my membership. Product based businesses should focus on online marketing in a different way. Yes there are certainly crossovers – understanding Instagram Stories, Messenger and LinkedIn are transferrable. But the messaging is different. Product based businesses don’t need to start creating webinars or having discovery calls. Service based businesses should start thinking about getting booked for speaking events and planning Facebook lives

Who do I mean?

Web designers, copywriters, reflexologists, personal trainers, coaches, photographers.. these are examples of the clients and customers I have been able to help most in 2018. People who are able to work with others through the service they provide.

Why does this matter?

Let’s look for example at how I teach someone to find new clients and customers through social media. How someone who needs to shift 30 units a day uses social media is completely different to someone who needs to attract maybe 5 new client a week or month. Another example is working with someone who wants to create an event or get booked to speak at a local networking event – someone whose business is selling cups of coffee or cakes is not going to want the same type of local exposure.

Why talk about this now?

I have had four people leave my membership this week. Initially I was a bit ‘down in the dumps’ about that. Then I realised that they were not a good fit for my teaching, and vice versa. Those lovely ex-members are much better served by someone who markets for product based businesses. To be completely honest, when I had a product based business, I was pretty rubbish at making any money. My service based business is incomparable to my first business (selling craft supplies online). I believe I will be able to help more people in a more effective way by focusing on this service based market.

So what is next?

Having this clarity about my membership is epic. This means I can concentrate on creating content for my ideal clients, both here on the blog as well as on my podcast. I will focus down on finding guests for the podcast who can inspire my audience.

I also can see how I can shift my membership up a gear.

From February onwards, I am going to offer a new level to the membership. For those who wish to take it up, not only will they have:

  • access to all of the amazing content inside the Social Bee Academy,
  • the fab Beehivers community
  • TWO full online summits worth of guest expertise,
  • a monthly group coaching call
  • and our monthly guest masterclass … (phew),

but they will also get a monthly 1-1 call with me for 30 minutes to deep dive into their own particular issues.

My VIP members will book out half an hour every month in advance – this is your time to focus on particular challenges for your own business. We will set goals and I will keep you accountable to keep your business moving forward. I have limited spots for the VIPs so don’t delay in booking your space.

Moving full steam ahead with my Beehivers into 2019.

If you want to road test the membership first, then join us here

To join the VIP membership, and get your 1-1 goal setting and accountability call, simply sign up for the VIP option.

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