Five things to do on LinkedIn Every day

How long should you spend on LinkedIn every day in order to grow your network? Should you post on your profile daily? Is engaging with other people’s content helpful?

These are some of the questions I answer in today’s solo episode of the podcast, where I remind you that while only 1% of LinkedIn users are active on the platform, 40% of users check in every single day.

This tells you that by showing up daily, you have plenty of opportunities to build your profile and your network and to grow your business.

So what are the five things I recommend you do every day on LinkedIn?

  1.  Check your notifications

First thing first, you should check and address your notifications. Has anyone commented on your posts?  When someone has left you a comment, please take the courtesy to reply to them.  This will also help your content be seen by more LinkedIn members.

2.  Check the LinkedIn news daily rundown. This appears on the top right hand side of your LinkedIn screen o desktop.  Are there any stories there that may interest your network?  If so, consider sharing them into your newsfeed with a comment about why you are sharing it. 

3.  Build your Network

Take time every day to connect with people who engage with your content or who might have a similar audience to yours.  I suggest no more than 5 or 6 new connections a day as you want to be able to start conversations with the new connections and get to know them and their business. 

4.  Check your newsfeed

Engage with your network –  check your newsfeed and comment on any interesting or relevant posts. This helps you raise your profile and visibility, so you can start being seen by the right people.

5.  Always reply to messages

LinkedIn works when you build relationships with people in your network.  The easiest way to do this is to have conversations within your messaging inbox.  

If you want to find out exactly which steps you should take to maximise the activities above, don’t miss out on this episode!

Your FREE LinkedIn Checklist – a guide with daily and weekly tasks to help you build your business on LinkedIn.

You will learn…

  1. Why I don’t recommend you post on LinkedIn every day (twice a week is enough!)
  2. Why you should optimise your LinkedIn profile.
  3. And why you should write LinkedIn posts in a way that helps you start a conversation with your audience – stop broadcasting and start connecting!

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