Facebook profiles and pages- what is the difference?

Are you using a page to promote your business?

what is the difference between a facebook profile and business page

Small business owners would be forgiven for getting confused over how to use Facebook to market their business.   With Facebook pages,  profiles,  groups, not to mention pixels,  boosting posts and Ads manager, there is a lot of technical talk floating about.

When I meet a small business owner, often they ask me to explain the difference between a profile and a page.

What is a Facebook profile?

When you, as an individual, join Facebook, you create a personal profile.   No one in business can see this profile UNLESS you allow them to.

You use this profile to connect with your friends and family.  This is where you can share your own personal photos,  talk about stuff you are interested in, events you want to attend etc.  Only the people you connect with can see what you are posting here if you have the right settings on your profile.

How do you protect your privacy?  Go to your personal profile settings, and change them there how to edit your privacy settings on FAcebook

On the menu at the top right-hand side of your screen on a laptop – click on the drop-down menu – select Settings

Under Settings,  click on Privacy

Change your privacy to whatever you prefer.

** when you comment on someone else’s business page, or join a Facebook group,this is the profile you will be using.  You can comment on someone else’s page as your Facebook page, but you cannot currently join a Facebook group as your business page.  You must join using your individual profile.

Top Tip

You can add your business page under Work and Education settings on your personal profile so that if someone is interested in finding out more about your business or services, they can be directed to your Facebook page without having to make a friend request.

How to add your business page to your personal profile

  1.  click on your own profile
  2. click on the About tab
  3. select Work and Education
  4. add your business page
  5. set your privacy settings for this information to Public
  6. Save

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook page is created to represent a business,  entrepreneur or organisation.  Having a business page allows you to create content for your customers/clients/audience.  You can promote special offers and use paid advertising to increase your audience awareness of your business page.  You can create as many Facebook pages as you want.

What is the difference between your business page and your profile?

The difference between having a business page and a personal profile are:

  • you can be followed or have page’likes’ from people who are not your personal friends on your page
  • Facebook do not allow businesses to use personal profiles to connect with an audience
  • You can create a Facebook group from a business page and link the two
  • you can use Facebook advertising to promote your page
  • it is against Facebook terms and conditions to use a personal profile for business use
  • Not all of your followers will see what you post on your Facebook page – this is the ‘reach’ of your page – currently dropping well below 10% of your audience.

Do I still need a business page?

Facebook recently announced a change to their approach with pages – they are focusing on connections and community in 2018, thus dropping the organic reach of a page even further.

You can still connect with your audience on your Facebook page, but you will need to be more strategic about how you use it.  Using more video will certainly help.  Having a call to action on each and every post is even more important.  You want your followers to engage with your posts and this will increase the reach of each post.

Your focus for online marketing should be on creating your own original content – whether on a blog, a vlog, YouTube channel, Facebook group – and your Facebook page will be part of your marketing system, but this new change demonstrates more than ever that you cannot rely on a Facebook page for your social media.

For help on creating a system for your online marketing, check out the Social Bee Academy on why you should start creating content today and how to turn that into a consistent system.